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[2007-10-07-WWE-No Mercy] HHH vs Umaga

Superstar Sleeze

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WWE Champion Triple H vs Umaga - No Mercy 2007


The secret to great Triple H matches is keep them short. I thought was a really strong babyface vs monster match. You don't think of HHH being good in this role, but he actually sold the ribs well and worked hard. Umaga is amazing and even in his short run should go down as one of the all time great monsters. I loved the constant Umaga no sells when HHH went to the head (DDT, steel steps, facebuster). HHH keeps firing, but you cant hurt Umaga. He feels like a real horror movie character like the Creature of the Black Lagoon as he just keeps coming and coming. HHH gets a great hope spot with the Spinebuster and Pedigree to a huge pop. Umaga catches him with a Samoan Drop and begins some amazing rib work. I liked his Black Hole Slam and headbutt to abdomen which HHH sold really, really well which shocked me. I really liked the finish with Umaga missing THREE times into the buckles finally enough to daze him long enough to nail a Pedigree. I loved that Umaga is such a badass monster he had to hurt himself to give HHH the opening to win. This was a great way to demonstrate HHH's resilience. Surprised by how damn good this was. ***3/4

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Damn, Umaga was amazing in this match. He knows not only to be a monster but look vulnerable and making the opponent stand out too. His work on the ribs was absolutely fantastic. Everything looked so painful and impact. Triple H’s selling was excellent from start to finish. The ending was very good with Umaga being the cause for the loss rather than being bested by HHH. It’s obviously not positioned to be a great match so it was good to see it deliver in the way it was supposed to and progressed the story of the night. ***1/2

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