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[2000-11-11-MPPW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky & Lance Cade & Shooter Schultz vs Bulldog Raines & Blade Bourdeaux & Alan Steel & Khan


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  • 5 weeks later...

Spanky introduces the future of this industry, the ‘Kliq 2000’, to which Dave Brown quips “if that’s the future of wrestling I’m worried about the future!” He says that they’ve spoken to Sir Willy Dundee, Australia’s favourite leprechaun, and with him now running things wondered if there are any Power Pro wrestlers man enough to take on the Kliq, and if so, to send them out. C.B. Wyatt is out first, followed by Khan and he is his new business adviser. Moments later out comes Bulldog Raines, Blade Boudreaux and Alan Steel, and although they don’t all get along, it’s pushed as Power Pro uniting against MCW. Just as the match begins Derrick King joins Dave and Corey and takes exception to Spanky’s comments about being the best light heavyweight in Memphis. Glorious high impact German suplex by Schultz where he dumps Steel right on his head. Butterfly suplex and ‘All That’ kicks out of the cover. A lovely sunset flip out of the corner by Steel on Spanky for a two. He almost loses his balance on the middle turnbuckle, but manages to keep his footing and connect with that springboard back elbow. Dragon with a snap suplex, however Steel moves out the way of the top rope elbow and Danielson crashes to the mat. Hot tag to Raines who drops Spanky with a big shoulder block. The Kliq are in to (just about) break up the cover and the match breaks down with everyone going at it with each other. After Khan tosses Cade to the floor, Tracey Smothers jumps Lance as security does their best to try and separate them. Meanwhile inside Spanky hits a frog splash on Bulldog, but no referee as he’s also trying to deal with Smothers and Cade. DK leaves the commentary desk and nails Spanky with his own title belt, that modified ‘Blue Thunder Driver’ by Raines and it’s one in the win column for Power Pro Wrestling.


Not the best showcase for the MCW guys as they didn’t really get much of a chance to shine, although I thought all looked fine in their brief spots, with Spanky and Schultz (who I like an awful lot) standing out above the other two. Nice to see the Cade/Smothers feud make it’s way across to Power Pro as a way to interlink the two Memphis shows, and I really like the sound of a Derrick King/Spanky match that has to be on the cards. Alan Steel is another, like DK, who should benefit from hopefully getting to work some singles matches with the TWA graduates.

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  • 2 months later...

Spanky yaps for his team and Derrick King is out on commentary. Spanky vs King could be a fun program against each other. Action here is decent but it was clear to me that the HBK crew is the better workers. Pier six with King getting involved cheapshotting Spanky allowing Raines to pick up the win. *1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-11-MPPW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky & Lance Cade & Shooter Schultz vs Bulldog Raines & Blade Bourdeaux & Alan Steel & Khan

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