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[2000-11-04-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler vs Tazz


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  • 5 weeks later...

This is the ‘Final Battle’ from the Jonesboro show on 10/28. Just after he makes his entrance ‘the King’ spots members of Power Pro Wrestling making their way to the front row, having taken up Kevin Kelly’s open invitation from earlier that day. The Power Pro crew is Randy Hales, Brandon Baxter, Derrick King, Bulldog Raines, Charlie Laird and Spellbinder (who Lawler calls Del Rios). ‘The King’ warns them that if they’ve got any intention of interfering in this match that there is only six of them, while there is about twenty WWF and MCW guys in the back. So if they do get in the ring he promises that they won’t get out. He tells them that the best they can do is stand there, watch and maybe they’ll learn something! Kelly references how the Power Pro wrestler’s arrival reminds him of how ECW invaded an episode of Monday Night Raw back in 1997. A lot punches and not much else, until ‘the King’ catches Tazz with a dropkick while he has his back to him. Bodyslam, Lawler drops an elbow although that only gets a one count. Piledriver but Tazz is back to his feet before ‘the King’, completely no selling the move. Tazz stomps and pounds away on him until he pulls down the strap, which for the first time in 2000 get the same response from the fans as it used to in the 80s! A series of left jabs followed by a right haymaker. As Lawler grabs a side headlock and is about to drill Tazz with some short punches to the head, he shoots him off and into the referee. Tazz then CLIMBS TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE misses a senton splash and ‘the King’ makes the cover for the win. The Power Pro wrestlers jump Lawler and put the boots to him until the locker room empties and they get out of there. Before leaving Tazz claims that they can call this the ‘final confrontation’ all they want but this isn’t over yet!


A funny little match. This only went around five minutes, so not stalling or time wasting like previously, but outside the two main spots (the no sold piledriver and the finish), all they really did was punch one another. The commentators claimed the piledriver had no effect because Tazz doesn’t have a neck, but I don’t think it’s something I would have done, while the finish, with Tazz coming off the top rope for the first time ever, was flat out weird. If this was taking place in February or March, as opposed to November, I could understand those spots with them wanting to keep Tazz looking strong, but I’m sure I’ve heard them say he is already on commentary duties in the WWF so it’s not like Lawler is facing a top/upper carder here. Just strange.

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This is the final confrontation that they hyped the week before. Crowd is loud and probably not bad for this time period in Memphis even if it isn’t exactly a sell out. Action here was the best we have seen of the year between these two and featured a good variety of shots. Tazz pops right up from a piledriver which was really odd and out of place although the way it was worked, you could say he avoided contact. The strap comes down and King makes his comeback before we get the ref bump. Tazz goes to the top rope which is ill advised and King quickly pins him after the missed somersault leg drop. MPPW contingent attack King and beat him down with assistance from Tazz. **

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