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[2000-11-18-MCW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky vs Rodney & Pete Gas


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The Mean Street Posse jump the ‘Kliq 2000’ the moment they enter the ring, immediately taking it to them. Dragon ducks a clothesline and nails Rodney with a spin kick to the chest. Shades of the Rock & Roll Express with the double dropkick. Leg lariat to Gas by Spanky followed by an arm drag takedown. Irish whip is reversed and Rodney with a knee to the back of Dragon as he hits the ropes, before a stiff looking lariat from Gas. The MSP proceed to then cut the ring in half and isolate him. Sit out slam, double underhook suplex, face first suplex where they just dump Dragon across the top rope and finally a scoop powerslam, but after all that Dragon is still able to bridge out of the pin. Gas complains to the referee about Spanky, however that’s just a distraction to allow Rodney to get in some illegal shots while he’s otherwise engaged. Rodney ties Dragon in the ‘tree of woe’ and more distraction work as Gas is now choking him from the outside. Snap suplex and Dragon barely kicks out. Rodney looks for the belly to back, but Dragon flips over and flattens him with a roaring elbow. Hot tag to Spanky who takes out all that pent up frustration on Gas. Rodney comes to help out and soon all four men are in the ring. Dragon gets tossed through the ropes to the floor and a cool double backbreaker by the Posse. Gas holds Spanky for the ‘High Society’, but Spanky moves out the way and Rodney hits the move on his own partner instead. As Rodney berates him, Dragon with a missile dropkick, Spanky covers Gas and its victory for the ‘Kliq 2000’.


Another good tag outing for the Posse after their match against Cade & Smothers at the back end of August. The match had a very similar formula with this time Dragon as the FIP and taking the lengthy beat down as opposed to Smothers in that one. The Posse adopted plenty of old school heel tag team tactics, although there were definite hints of possible dissension between the two with Rodney getting frustrated with Pete on more than one occasion throughout the match. Hitting the finish on his own man couldn’t have helped things either. We’ll have to see if this is the start of something and whether anything else develops.

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Quick promo from MSP saying they are going to beat the ass of the young boys. Spanky and Dragon rush the ring and the match is on. Dragon and Spanky show some good tandem moves with each other until the FIP sequence happens on Dragon. Gas hits a really smooth powerslam on Dragon that gets two. Heat is good from the crowd encouraging Dragon to make the tag to Spanky. Spanky is given the hot tag and he hits some good dropkicks when he enters in. MSP shows some resiliency in coming back and regaining the advantage with a double backbreaker. Rodney goes to the top but gives the blockbuster to Gas and Dragon dropkicks him out of the way allowing Spanky to pick up the win. Good match. *** (5.9)

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-18-MCW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky vs Rodney & Pete Gas

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