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[2000-11-18-MPPW-TV] Spanky vs Derrick King


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  • 5 weeks later...

Sunny, sorry Bobcat is once again back on ring announcing duties. She says how everywhere she went this week people were telling her how good Power Pro Wrestling is now that she’s on it! The most beautiful girl in Memphis is going to be all the men’s dreams and all the women’s nightmares, although the women needn’t worry as she wouldn’t be caught dead with any man from down south! King hammers away on Spanky and whips him into the corner, however he leaps to the middle turnbuckle and comes off with a moonsault bodyblock for an early two count. Headscissors takedown followed by a clothesline that sends DK over the top rope and to the outside. A crazy, reckless looking pescado to the floor by Spanky. He slingshots DK back inside but he lands on his feet and hits a satellite headscissors. Top rope rana for a two. The facebuster is blocked and Spanky with a springboard forearm smash. Another headscissors, although this time DK pancakes him to the mat. Suicideplex and Spanky just about manages to get a shoulder up. Facebuster lands, but they’re too close to the ropes as Spanky gets a foot over the bottom one. He fights off the attempted superplex only to then miss the frog splash. Spanky ducks under a King superkick and hits ‘sliced bread #2’. The frog splash connects this time as he retains the MCW Light Heavyweight title. King shakes Spanky’s hand and passes him the belt, but then clocks him from behind with a chair the moment his back is turned. The ‘Kliq 2000’ eventually run him off, although only after he’s given Spanky a facebuster on the chair.


Bobcat moved over to provide some commentary after her ring announcing efforts and she’s equally as brutal as that (which should come as no surprise to anyone if they remember when she guested in MCW). This was a fun, non-stop spotfest with both guys busting out every high risk aerial move in their arsenal. There wasn’t much in the way of psychology (although one great near fall after the facebuster) and the viewer could’ve done with a chance to catch their breath while watching, but this was something different to pretty much everything else we’ve seen from Power Pro all year. A bit messy on occasion too, but entertaining nonetheless.

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Bobcat is out and man what an awful promo and not in the grating way she is aspiring for. She moves to commentary for the match and sucks there with Dave trying his damndest to keep things on topic. This is why Dave Brown is still one of the best announcers in the world in 2000. Match itself is really fun with both guys going all out and showing their athleticism with the highspots. Finish had some good nearfalls and Spanky hitting Sliced Bread #2 followed by a frog splash to pick up the clean pin. Bobcat says she wasn’t even paying attention to who won. Fuck off. Spanky and Derrick King have a good show of sportsmanship where he hands the title but then King comes back in with a chair and attacks getting the Power Pro crowd going wild. **

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-18-MPPW-TV] Spanky vs Derrick King

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