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[2000-12-02-MCW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky vs Salsario Boys


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  • 1 month later...

“Hailing from America, the American Dragon”, first time I’ve ever noticed him introduced like that. Dragon tries to imitate Spanky’s dancing-come-hip swivel, although he’s not got much in the way of rhythm! The Salsario Boys jump them from behind and take it to Spanky until he ducks a double clothesline and levels each of them, at the same time, with a one footed dropkick. Leg lariat to Enrique. Big spinebuster by Dragon, he then flips Enrique over and puts him in a camel clutch so Spanky can nail him with a baseball slide dropkick. ‘Death Valley Driver’ followed by a moonsault off the middle. This awesome bridging suplex by Dragon and Hector is in to break up the pin. Spanky hits a modified Michinoku Driver on him, top rope elbow by Dragon, Spanky with the frog splash and a win for the number one contenders to the MCW tag titles.


This is essentially a squash and nothing memorable bar that quality suplex Dragon pulled out.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-12-02-MCW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky vs Salsario Boys
  • 3 weeks later...

Dragon and Spanky both dance and Kevin Kelly says neither of them can on commentary. Quick match but Dragon/Spanky really open up the arsenal and the pace is relentless. They do a bevy of stuff that looks good and the sloppiness that was frequent in the early portion of the year has eroded now. Elbow drop and frog splash win what was essentially a squash. *

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