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[2000-12-16-MCW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky vs The Dupps


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Spanky struggles to cope wth the size and power of the much larger Dupps in the opening exchanges. Quebrada off the middle, but Bo catches him in mid-air. He dallies around for too long though and Spanky is able to slide down his back before rolling him up for a two. Attempted monkey flip, however Bo reverses position and sits Spanky on the top turnbuckle. Spanky blocks a right, drills him with one of his own and comes off the middle with a bulldog. Double dropkick by ‘the Kliq’ taking advantage of the referee’s five count and Bo has had enough, tagging in Jack. Dragon with a spinning heel kick and a double hip toss before Spanky hits a standing moonsault. As the Dupps retreat to the outside, stereo pescados from ‘the Kliq’. Jack blocks the Lucha wheelbarrow and turns it into a slingshot wheelbarrow suplex. Double shoulder charge as the Dupps look to try and wear Spanky down, with Jack even taking to just throwing him through the ropes to the arena floor on more than one occasion. A huge big boot and a disorientated Spanky is trying to tag in Bo. It looks like Spanky was meant to counter a powerbomb into a facebuster, although something clearly goes wrong in the execution as it exactly resembles a powerbomb. Only when after, Jack is holding his head and David Jett mentions that he thinks Spanky drove his head into the mat, do you realise what happened. Both men make tags and Dragon is in like the proverbial house on fire taking the fight to the opposition. Tornado DDT out of the corner on Bo and Jack is there to break up the cover. Dragon with a blind tag to Spanky, he then cartwheels through the double clothesline and Spanky with a crossbody off the top to both. Jack counters ‘Sliced Bread #2’ (which Kevin Kelly calls ‘the Acid Drop’) by slamming Spanky hard to the mat. They go for their ‘Brain Scramble’, but Dragon kicks Bo in the back of the head, Spanky cradles Jack and ‘the Kliq’ retain their tag titles. The Dupps attack them after the match with Jack cracking Dragon over the head with a chair and then pulling off his mask. Joey Abs, the Dupps’ friend, is out to try and talk some sense into them, but Jack nails him with the chair too and they leave the three of them laid out.


I don’t know if Spanky legit took a bump to the head on one of the occasions that Jack threw him out the ring, but that would certainly explain why the final 90 seconds or so of this were so scrappy and messy compared to the rest of the match. Either that or he just had a bad run blowing that facebuster counter, the rough crossbody off the top and then this ugly looking backdrop that Dragon gave him into one of the Dupps. Prior to that I was enjoying this and there was nothing wrong with either the match or its structure (the power of the Dupps against the speed and quickness of the Kliq). Bo does look pensive at times, though I think that’s his character as opposed to him thinking and not knowing what to do. Dragon loses his mask for the second time in his career and this looked like a way to build heat on the Dupps with the way that it happened.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-12-16-MCW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky vs The Dupps
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Spanky and American Dragon continue to gel as a team. The Dupps are a better version of MSP and they use their size and power to take control of the match overall. Spanky’s attire is unfortunate. Spanky gets worked on for the FIP in this match and one DUpp has a neat reversal of the Sliced Bread into a spinebuster. Spanky is able to pick up the flash pin in this enjoyable opening contest. Dupps attack after the match and Joey Abs comes in to break it up. The Dupps attack him as well. **1/4

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