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[2000-12-02-MPPW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky & Shooter Schultz vs Derrick King & Alan Steel & Blade Boudreaux


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  • 1 month later...

According to Spanky the ratings were down 83% last week in the female demographic because ‘the Kliq’ spent the holiday with their families. Even though he had a heck of a Thanksgiving dinner he’s still a little hungry, so tells Derrick King to bring that mashed potato hair cut out here along with those two dumplings Alan Steel and Blade Boudreaux so they can eat some more turkey for lunch! DK and Spanky kick us off continuing their rivalry from a fortnight ago. They trade blows before King whips Spanky into the corner where he leaps to the middle turnbuckle and back flips over the charging King, only for DK to level him with a clothesline. Moonsault bodyblock for a two. Steel and Dragon light each others chests up with chops and a face first full nelson slam by ‘All That’ gets him a near fall. Double hip toss takedown and Dragon wants no more for the time being, tagging out to Schultz. As King runs the ropes, Spanky knees him in the back. DK drills Spanky with an almighty right hand sending him crashing from the apron to the floor, but the distraction enables Shooter to catch him with a belly to back, driving King to the mat in the process. He counters Spanky’s superplex with a face first variety off the top, but then misses the senton as Spanky moves out the way. Dragon is now lighting up DK and a big running forearm smash in the corner. Fallaway slam with bridge and King is able to get a shoulder up. Belly to belly by Shooter, slingshot elbow by Spanky and they still can’t put DK away. King sidesteps whatever Spanky had got planned off the top, and although he lands on his feet, a DK superkick immediately takes him off them. Tag to Blade but the ref misses it as he’s dealing with Dragon and Schultz in the opposite corner. As he then tries to get Boudreaux out of there, ‘the Kliq’ triple team King. ‘All That’ and Blade have seen enough and brush past the ref as all six men are duking it out. Great near fall by Steel with a sunset flip on Dragon. The ring empties and we’re left with Spanky and King as everyone else is fighting on the outside. Spanky picks up his Light Heavyweight title belt and is about to wallop DK with it, however on seeing him coming he manages to back drop him. Facebuster onto the belt and King gets a pin over the champion and it’s a win for team Power Pro.


Fantastic studio match and in all likelihood the Power Pro match of the year. When you hear Dave and Corey raving about it like they do in the aftermath you know you’ve been privy to a treat. The MCW trio were a great unit, utilising plenty of quick tags and high impact offense as they looked to isolate Derrick King and wear him down to the point that he could take no more. It was all action and no sitting back. Whatever they threw at DK he was able to survive, as the gutsy, local regular withstood it all while the crowd got more and more into it. I wouldn’t say that Steel and Boudreaux came along for the ride (well maybe Blade!) but this all about Derrick King. A heck of a showing from him here and he gets the pin over the champion which will no doubt lead to another title shot in the upcoming weeks.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-12-02-MPPW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky & Shooter Schultz vs Derrick King & Alan Steel & Blade Boudreaux
  • 3 weeks later...

Spanky and King have a good sequence with King getting a crossbody for an early nearfall. Steel and Dragon follow that up with more stiffness and hard shots. Blade/Steel doing a double armdrag and we have Shooter & Blade squaring off. Austin is going to be on Power Pro. Busy guy today. Spanky/Dragon vs King and a partner would have been a nice series to see a longform match from. After five minutes the action breaks down and Steel gets a nearfall on a sunset flip on Dragon. Spank grabs the title but King backdrops and facebusters Spanky onto the title in full view of the referee. I guess since he didn’t bring the title in, its ok as the referee counts. Spanky vs King is being set up huge. Good tv match. **

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