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[2000-12-16-MPPW-TV] American Dragon vs Spanky


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  • 1 month later...

Dave Brown tells Spanky and Dragon how he was quite excited when they joined Power Pro wrestling, but what they did to Derrick King last week was disgusting in trying to break his leg. Spanky makes fun of DK before saying how he’s the best light heavyweight, he told King that, told everyone that and this belt might as well be called the Spankyweight title because he can’t be beat! Dave informs us that he’s got a title match coming up, although this seems to be news to Spanky. When he tells him that it’s against the American Dragon he thinks Dave must be mistaken, “we’re partners, we’re fellow Kliq members, we’re buddies!” Dragon says how he’s gotten fed up of Spanky running his mouth and although he claims to be the best light heavyweight, reminds him that he held the belt for as long as he did, before telling him that there will be a match and it will be now.


A very familiar opening for these two as they work things around a wristlock. Lovely quick arm drag take down by Dragon. Spanky blocks the suplex attempt and hits a face first variety where he just dumps Dragon across the top rope before dropkicking him in the head for a two. Snap suplex followed by a slingshot senton to the back. As Spanky “whoooos” and plays to the crowd after a knife edge chop, Dragon boots him in the mid-section, switches their positions and destroys his chest with some chops of his own. Big dropkick and Dave saw Spanky’s eyes roll back into his head after that one! Running forearm smash, Northern Lights suplex while hooking the leg but Spanky is still able to kick out. Sunset flip by Dragon, Spanky goes to punch him, however Dragon moves and he punches the canvas instead. Leg lariat by Spanky, he picks Dragon up for a bodyslam only for a swinging to take out the referee. Frog splash but the ref is still down. Spanky picks up his title belt and is set to nail Dragon with it when out runs Derrick King who snatches it away and clocks him with it instead. Shooter Schultz is out to attack DK and the official rings for the bell, waving the match off on seeing Spanky and he putting the boots to him. Dragon pulls them both away, as if he’s helping King, then starts stomping him himself as the three of them triple team him.


So they fought against each other in the first month of 2000, and do so again in the last month of the year (and most months in between too!). This is more about angle development in the Spanky and King feud, but there is enough here to see how the two have developed over that twelve month period. Their exchanges and sequences are so much tighter now than they were back then and there is a real aggressiveness in Dragon’s offense with his chops, forearms etc. Spanky still has moments where he can tend to look sloppy, but Dragon’s improvement in the space of a year is something to be seen.

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  • 2 months later...

This was probably the most frequent matchup to occur this year, right? Felt like they wrestled dozens of times.


Unfortunately, the Memphis TV format means they only get a few minutes, although it's a fun few minutes. But it's apparent compared to the beginning of the year how both have been able to slow down and sand off the rough edges, Dragon especially. Curious to see when Dragon drops the mask again.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-12-16-MPPW-TV] American Dragon vs Spanky

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