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[2000-12-02-NWA Wildside] A.J. Styles & Onyx vs Suicidal Tendencies (Air Paris & John Phoenix & Adam Jacobs)


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-12-02-NWA Wildside] A.J. Styles & Onyx vs Suicidal Tendencies
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Air Paris is facing Sabu in Athens. Were missing some context as far as storylines as it feels like Styles/Onyx and the entire crew involving Martin/Bailey are faces now. Styles was certainly the FIP throughout this match taking a huge back body drop. Suicidal Tendencies uses freebirds rules as Adam Jacobs gets involved and actually gets in the ring at points. Brawl breaks out for the finish as Terry Knight gets involved as well as Romeo Bliss whose 30 days banned from Wildside are up. Cole Brothers and Boogaloo Crew comes out again and the referee throws the match out. *3/4

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Hmmm, last time we saw Adam Jacobs he was going against Air Paris, now he’s in Suicidal Tendencies’ corner so something has happened in the few weeks that we’ve missed.  It’s noted that Jeff G. Bailey asked Paris to bow out of his upcoming World Heavyweight title match against Sabu but he refused.  High, as in high, release German suplex by Onyx.  He catches Phoenix with a powerslam and as Jacobs enters the ring, A.J. comes off the top with a crossbody onto him.  As Phoenix and Jacobs regather themselves on the floor, A.J. whips Paris towards Onyx who backdrops him out onto his own partners.  Air claims a hair pull on returning inside, although I’m trying to work out how is that even possible off a backdrop?  He gets the jump on Styles as Suicidal Tendencies go about isolating and wearing him down.  Jacobs, after originally starting the match as a second, is interchanging with both Paris and Phoenix, so all three members of Suicidal Tendencies are now working the match, it being joked the ‘Freebird Rules’ have been evoked.  Styles with a floatover, however Phoenix counters the inverted suplex and lands a reverse ‘Roll the Dice’.  Standing shooting star press.  Nice huracanrana by Jacobs.  Paris is once more slowing things down with a rear chinlock until out of nowhere hitting a ‘Burning Hammer’.  Onyx breaks up the pinfall attempt and does so again following a big frog splash.  We return from an ad break and A.J. makes the hot tag after wiping out Paris with a corkscrew senton, leaping off Phoenix’s chest who was being held in the corner from the apron.  Onyx takes it to all three members of Suicidal Tendencies; throwing Jacobs through the ropes to the wooden floor, planting Paris with a huge spinebuster and giving Phoenix a ‘Cactus clothesline’.  A.J. misses a gorgeous looking top rope splash, when, from the back comes Terry Knight who KO’s Paris while Steve Martin is keeping the official occupied.  Romeo Bliss enters through the crowd, although this is clearly seen by the badly positioned ref who just turns away and ignores it.  Bliss powerbombs Styles before putting Paris on top, his ’30 days’ now over after the ‘Loser Leaves Town’ match.  The run ins aren’t over just yet, the Cole twins attacking Air and then the Boogalou Crew making a beeline for the Coles, the ref at this point finally throwing the match out.  Suicidal Tendencies get out of dodge leaving the NWA Elite to it and the footage goes off the air just as someone is on their way out to help the Boogalous.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-12-02-NWA Wildside] A.J. Styles & Onyx vs Suicidal Tendencies (Air Paris & John Phoenix & Adam Jacobs)

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