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[2000-11-17-JAPW-Battle in Bayonne] Da Hit Squad vs Homicide & Don Montoya


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  • 4 months later...

I think I liked this a little better than Edwin but still preferred the first tag match between these two. This felt more disjointed and odd with Homicide and Montoya dominating. Also, whether the fakeout finish was supposed to happen or it was a goof, it grinded the match to a halt. Whenever these four wrestle, it seemingly is like they can't decide whether to work the match straight or as a hate filled brawl. The last match between these four was unique enough that I was able to go along with that contrast bu this one felt like a wrestling training session where you went on to the next section of the curriculum progressively. **1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-17-JAPW-Battle in Bayonne] Da Hit Squad vs Homicide & Don Montoya
  • 11 months later...

At least the women have been left in the back this month, although we still have Johnny D and Rick Silver seconding their respective teams.  No long write up because the match was very similar, even down to the referee, as the previous one (DHS shine, heat on Mafia, hot tag after spinning pumphandle, ringside brawl, finishing stretch (including the same spots such as Cide blocking the Dragon screw, applying the STF and Mafia saving his partner)).  At least the actual finish itself was different, however I’m not sure putting the heat on the referee is the way to go, even if it did play up his legit incompetence!  As Scruffy is being manhandled by DHS and Johnny D for counting the fall the ring announcer comes to his rescue saying that there was a foot over the rope and the match must continue.  The restart doesn’t go long, Cide getting backdropped over the top rope through a table at ringside before Montoya is small packaged as Da Hit Squad regain the Jersey All Pro tag team titles.  It would be nice if these teams either stuck to wrestling or brawling and not this weird mishmash, still the post-match handing over of the belts and the talk of Homicide having bigger fish to fry means it sounds like the feud is done anyway.

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