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[2000-11-18-JAPW-3rd Anniversary Show] Homicide vs Jay Lover (Falls Count Anywhere Barbed Wire Singapore Cane Death)


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I assume it was Fat Frank’s dream to run the ECW arena but the sparse crowd looks pretty bad here. Lover is pretty generic and him as a 1st round KOTDM competitor is pretty spot on. Homicide took some nasty bumps throughout this match flying from the Crow’s Nest and crashing through a table on the tope con hilo. He also delivers a brutal Cop Killah to win the JAPW title. I didn’t think Homicide was bad here but you can only do so much with Lover as an opponent. **1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-18-JAPW-3rd Anniversary Show] Homicide vs Jay Lover (Falls Count Anywhere Barbed Wire Singapore Cane Death)
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Multi-gimmick match for the vacant JAPW Heavyweight title.  Lover telegraphs a backdrop and Homicide with a swinging neckbreaker for an early two.  It’s not long before the match goes to the floor, Homicide reversing the Irish whip and sending Lover careering into the guard rail.  He rushes his opponent but gets backdropped over it and onto the concrete.  Lover grabs the Singapore cane which he cracks over Cide’s head and while he’s down disappears to the back to collect a ladder.  As they embark on a tour of the bleachers Homicide starts to fire back, launching a chair at Lover’s head which busts him open.  Hard chair shots to the back and another to the shoulder follow.  Homicide drags him up to the Crow’s nest but Lover manages to put the brakes on and throws Cide off it to the stage below.  As the action returns to ringside Homicide picks up the Singapore cane and dishes out some payback.  He bridges a table upright against the guardrail and lies Lover up against it, however as Cide goes aerial with the tope con hilo Lover moves and he crashes through the table himself.  Lover bridges a board covered in mousetraps between two chairs and brings the ladder into the ring.  He’s spent too long on the furniture arranging mind and Homicide has recovered from that nasty bump.  For some reason Lover then starts climbing the ladder, something that makes zero logical sense, while Cide climbs up the other side.  They trade blows at the top and a hard Homicide open hand slap causes Lover to lose his balance, falling from the ladder and into the board.  ‘Cop Killa’ and Homicide is the new JAPW Heavyweight champion.  There’s a nice round of applause for Lover as he leaves, that cut of his now leaking blood.

Generally I didn’t think this was a bad Hardcore match even if there was a slight random feel to it.  My main gripe regards the finish, in that Lover started climbing the ladder for no reason whatsoever, and it was blatant that he was only doing so so he could take a fall from it into the mousetrap covered board.  It didn’t go too long either, so no feel of it dragging while Homicide took two wild bumps (off the stage and the top con hilo through the table).

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