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[2001-06-14-ZERO-ONE] Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Naoya Ogawa


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Fujiwara is a Gotch-trained judo black belt and a total badass, but he’s totally outmatched as a 52 year old trying to fight a 193cm/6’3 115kg judo world champion in his prime. He blindisghts Ogawa-but it doesn’t really work, even in his second step of trying to take Ogawa down he already meets a barrier he can’t destroy in Ogawa’s guard. Fujiwara’s only real chance of winning this is by a flash submission, as his catch training gives him an edge over Ogawa in that regard. Ogawa smartly uses the size advantage he has to control Fujiwara on the mat, while Fujiwara in turn desperately tries to counter Ogawa’s guards or grab a knee once Ogawa presses it against his face or goes for a kick or a knee strike. Ogawa punches Fujiwara on the ground throughout the match which Fujiwara acknowledges by doing really great exhaustion selling, which somewhat makes up for the mild intensity of Ogawa’s punches, and they manage to produce a great nearfall on Fujiwara finally grabbing a killhold, but in the end you can’t beat father time and Ogawa smashes his head into the canvas repeteadly to remind you of how many zealous practitioners of the gentle way got concussed by Masahiko Kimura in similar fashion. ***1/2

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This was pretty fun, if a little one-sided. I loved the cheap shot punch by Fujiwara before the bell but this is mostly Ogawa using his size to keep Fujiwara grounded, pounding on him with punches when he can. Fujiwara will try to grab an foot or a leglock but Ogawa is able to overpower him. Fujiwara's selling is really great in this, from him crawling across the canvas to the look in his eyes as he's getting planted by STOs.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2001-06-14-ZERO-ONE] Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Naoya Ogawa

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