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[2000-10-26-IWRG] Suicida & Star Boy & Fantasy vs Dr Cerebro & Mega & Super Mega


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Some more underneath guys given a chance to shine. Top to bottom, IWRG is a great promotion and you have guys like Bombero and Cerebro hanging around and doing great stuff along with the bigger names you would see in CMLL. I thought Suicida had a strong showing here doing some wonderful high risk stuff and showing great balance. Overall, this would have been a perfect way to get the show going. *** (5.8)

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This was worth watching just to see Cerebro doing his thing. You can pretty much just track him the entire time and he's always doing something of interest. He had worked a title match with Fantasy a few weeks prior after Fantasy beat him in a mano a mano but there didn't seem to be any meat to their feud. Instead, Cerebro worked mostly with Mike Segura and Star Boy. The two pairings couldn't have been any further apart as Segura was a talented guy who matched up well with Cerebro while Star Boy was awkward as fuck and constantly off with his timing. Cerebro shined in both pairings but the Segura exchanges were obviously the highlight (that dive, my God, and Cerebro's sell!) The Megas were no mugs either and brought their working shoes like always. Another solid IWRG midcard bout.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-26-IWRG] Suicida & Star Boy & Fantasy vs Dr Cerebro & Mega & Super Mega

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