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[1992-05-16-RINGS] Volk Han vs Grom Zaza


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A dream match for me, hot from the start with Zaza going nuts, the crowd losing their shit when he lifts Volk up in the fireman’s carry. For two guys not known for striking, they were quite handsy here, with quick little slaps and shit kicks in between the sweet takedowns and Han making Zaza squeal on the mat as he tries to break away. Despite Han’s fancy groundwork, which included a sweet step-over armbar, the match felt evenly matched. Han would land a spinning backhand, Grom would dump him with a couple of fireman’s carries. Then Han decimates him with the finishing a submission, which can only be described as a grounded choke STF, with Han once again utilizing his legs like a Swiss Army knife. Really good stuff.

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This is a perfectly fine match as it's a a former freestyle wrestling turned samboist vs. a freestyle wrestler. Han is the samboist and Zaza is a freestyle wrestler. Zaza rushes Han from the start and takes him for a ride with a fireman's carry which the crowd goes bonkers for and pretty much sets the tone for the remainder of their grappling exchanges. Being neither guy is a primary striker, they are even in that department and both catch each other with some stiff strikes, notedly Han catching Zaza with a spinning back slap and Zaza catching Han in the midsection with a stiff kick. Some of the grappling exchanges were a bit exhibitionish but it led to some wild Han submissions, namely a neat looking takedown to an armbar and a brutal looking STF.

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