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AJPW announce streaming service


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AJPW announced AJPW TV on yesterdays show. All we know about it is that it will air live footage and have on demand services for those shows after they air. As for when it will be rolled out we do not know, there is a big show in saitama super arena on 25th march so that could be a candidate or possibly the start of the champions carnival as it was announced in a set of two video packages with the cc Blocks.


As for past footage nobody knows for sure, but the general thought is that it will probably not have any pre split footage as that is owned by NTV not AJPW. The current promotion AJPW is technically a different promotion as when Jun akiyama Bought the promotion in 2014 it was dissolved and a new company started with a different official name, but just using the AJPW product, history, wrestlers and name. For example Jun Does not own the AJPW logo, that was property of the people who bought the promotion after mutoh. I would expect that the footage is not owned by Jun either so i would expect a back catalogue to only go back to 2014 at best to start with. But never say never, I do think the mutoh era library is more likely than baba era.


As for the price it would be 900yen per month and as of yesterday that equals out to be £5:78 or $8:17


What currently happens with ajpw is that a few shows air live such as yesterdays show but many shows including many korakuens air on Gaora a week-two weeks after they take place and by the time they air AJPW might have already done several more shows. to watch these is the west you download them from the real hero archive. Another annoying quirk of the Gaora scheduling is that they can air out of order, for example for last years cc we had days one, 4, 6, 5,2,3 air in that order not in the order they happened making it very difficult to follow along as a tournament. Due to this a streaming service is welcome on my part, ajpw is my favorite promotion and i would love to be able to support them and have no way currently, merch is not shipped to the UK and they had no streaming service so i had no way of supporting them.


AJPW ace Kento Miyahara, Yuma Ayoagi and Atsushi Aoki came over to the UK for the first time a few weeks ago I had the type of chat you have with someone who does not speak your language and you don't speak theirs with Ayoagi and Referee Nikkan Lee where i said that they don't have a streaming service Two weeks later they announce one, so I am Taking full credit for this service existing ;)




translation of ajpw website post:


A site with movie unlimited at 900 yen per month (tax included)

"All Japan Pro wrestling TV" distribution will start!

Monthly at 900 yen (tax included)

Choose a time location with your computer, smartphone, tablet etc

"All Japan pro wrestling TV" where games can be seen anytime!

We will deliver various videos focusing on live distribution.

Details will be announced as soon as it is decided at any time.

Please expect "All Japan Pro wrestling TV"! !

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Man, I hope this doesn't fuck up the All Japan archive on Google Drive :(


BTW, the CC starts on April 7th and lasts till April 30th. They've been building for a feud I have no interest in watching, Suwama vs Fujita (and Kashin, though given that Shuji Ishikawa will be working in Tokyo for DDT's Judgement show, they'll save a tag match for later maybe?) that will probably be the main attraction for the Saitama show, alongside Kento trying to get the TC back.

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So some more has come out today, AJPW TV will launch on march 19th with a show from korakuen hall. All shows from march will be shown for free, this includes the big saitama super arena show on the 25th featuring kento Vs deoring for the triple crown. The other march shows for free are one from Nagoya featuring a sai Vs Nomura title match and one show from Shinjuku building up to the carnival.


From April onwards it will be 900 yen per month with 14 champions carnival shows on the service 8 of them live that means only one show will not be filmed.

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