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  1. Zoo Enthusiast

    HELL IN A (red) CELL 2018

    I thought Ronda’s selling was awesome.
  2. Zoo Enthusiast

    HELL IN A (red) CELL 2018

    Yeah, I would be fine if MITB and HIAC were both retired for a while. I’d be even more fine if Brock Lesnar retired forever.
  3. Zoo Enthusiast

    HELL IN A (red) CELL 2018

    Have taken the past couple weeks of TV off but might take the plunge and watch this baby. Depends on how angry/happy I am after I know my DraftKings and FanDuel results for the day.
  4. Zoo Enthusiast

    Your opinion on Roman Reigns

    I think he's pretty great, especially when it comes to doing things like having very good TV matches (like his IC run earlier this year). Of course his booking is horrible. His promos can be very bad at times, sometimes due to content and sometimes due to poor performance on his part. There was definitely a built-in immediate resentment toward him from a portion of the fanbase from the moment The Shield debuted thanks to Meltzer, et al, further compounded by things like Punk's AOW interview that the same portion of fans took as gospel ("gotta keep Roman strong" or whatever the meme was), as well as your standard WWE ineptitude when it came to pushing him. If they had actually pushed him as strong as people pretended he was being pushed, he may have gotten over years ago. The main case of this being the WM XXXI decision to put the belt on Rollins.
  5. Zoo Enthusiast

    [2018-08-26-Defiant Wrestling-Stacked] WALTER vs Will Ospreay

    Was really into this match for a while but when it switched to a 10 minute period of WALTER unrealistically moving into position to take Ospreay’s stuff, it just lost me, starting with some really dreadful Kawada kicks by Ospreay. Had high hopes when this match was announced but it didn’t hit them for me. Not a high-end WALTER match by any means. I’d probably put it at about ***.
  6. It’s not that I think is necessarily a bad decision. It’s that they just randomly did it on Raw. I think he was a great choice to turn heel since he was actually over as a babyface, but it needed some more build and time to breathe.
  7. I had been getting quite invested in the show until the Braun turn last week. That definitely made me want to take a break for a while. Just in time for football season, at least.
  8. Zoo Enthusiast

    All In

    A friend was texting me while he was watching Okada/Scurll and I could tell it was too long without having to see it. What a waste of Okada but I get that they couldn’t put him in something huge. No matter how many of these guys are signed with WWE at this time next year (likely most of them), they went out with a big event on the indies.
  9. Zoo Enthusiast

    All In

    Pretty much only interested in Penta/Omega and what they do with that. I definitely feel a lot less bummed about not getting tickets than I did when I first missed out.
  10. Yeah, he also would look like a complete dumbass to be friends with the guy who literally powerbombed him through a table last week. Anyway, it was still fucking odd.
  11. I was loving the hell out of the opening segment until they became random tag partners.
  12. The Bucks are massive Hogan fans.
  13. Zoo Enthusiast

    What are you watching?

    Watching the 2018 SCI now that it’s up on Powerbomb.
  14. Zoo Enthusiast

    Conrad Thompson & Eric Bischoff's podcast

    Yeah, I assume because he was “light.” I’m more talking about amongst fans when it’s so clear the guy is p terrible. Similar to how Raven became known as a genius of ring psychology as a result of doing a set of interviews proclaiming himself as such.