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  1. Zoo Enthusiast

    WWE Extreme Rules 2018

    I’m actually expecting it to be quite good. Especially the top two matches.
  2. Zoo Enthusiast

    A List Of Pro Wrestling Podcast Links

    New Blood is one that has always been on my list but I haven’t gotten to yet.
  3. Zoo Enthusiast

    Current New Japan

    I don’t think NJPW benefits a hell of a lot from the relationship but ROH certainly does. They aren’t selling 500 tickets for a show with Jay Lethal vs Dalton Castle, but they can run the Garden with Okada, Omega, Tanahashi, etc. They wasted the Bucks in their first run before they went to NJPW and were literally drawing houses all over the country on the indies. They wasted Sho and Yoh. I guess they signed Cody first but Cody wasn’t THAT hot til the Elite stuff and the Bucks/Kenny somehow did the impossible of making Cody fucking Rhodes “cool.” ROH mostly serves as a vehicle to get the NJPW guys into America on a decent-sized platform, and is essentially the wrestling show for Being the Elite. NJPW doesn’t really use true ROH guys that much, though Beer City Bruiser did great earlier this year when he was there. Cheeseburger is over in Japan. War Machine was alright. Elgin doesn’t work in the states at all right now. Chuck Taylor had a run in the tag league with Greg but I don’t think he’s been back.
  4. Zoo Enthusiast

    Kazuchika Okada vs. Jay White (NJPW G1 Climax 28 Night 1 7/14/18)

    This was alright, which is about as bad as a match with Okada in it can ever be. Would probably put it in the **1/2- *** range if I had to assign a rating. Was probably the best match on this show but it was a really nothing show.
  5. Zoo Enthusiast

    Current New Japan

    He still doesn’t do much for me. I’ve seen Okada get a good match out of Bad Luck Fale so that match didn’t do much to sway me toward being a Jay White fan. I skipped the G1 Special but Juice is terrific so I’m not surprised if they had a pretty good match, too. I thought the Okada match was MOTN but otherwise that the show was mostly skippable outside of that and Suzuki/Tanahashi.
  6. Zoo Enthusiast

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Okada, Naito, and Tana are all announced already.
  7. Zoo Enthusiast

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    ROH & NJPW are running the Garden on Mania weekend. Would expect it to sell out as quickly as All In did.
  8. Zoo Enthusiast

    WWE TV 7/9-7/15 Superstar SLEEZE In Da House

    Can Rey hurry up and get in so they have something good for Almas to do? Was obvious he would get lost when he got called up but it’s been even worse than expected.
  9. Zoo Enthusiast

    WWE TV 7/9-7/15 Superstar SLEEZE In Da House

    Ugh. Just... why? Anyhow, I love the Roman/Lashley feud. Crowd was into it. Could be a great match. Dolph promo went off the rails for me when he flubbed the line and lost the crowd halfway through. Loved Seth/Drew, though.
  10. Zoo Enthusiast

    Current New Japan

    The US title is really new. Lots of great guys have held the IC.
  11. Zoo Enthusiast

    Lesnar back in UFC

    Just strip him. Who cares at this point?
  12. Zoo Enthusiast

    Current New Japan

    Was it worse than their ROH match from Mania weekend?
  13. Zoo Enthusiast

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Ok, now this rules.
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  15. Zoo Enthusiast

    Fire Pro World X New Japan

    I might actually buy a PS4 to play this.