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  1. Zoo Enthusiast

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Truly a horrible company.
  2. It’s wrestling. They’re all working.
  3. Zoo Enthusiast

    AEW Rampage (and The Buy In) - October 15 2021

    Also it will make the inevitable heel turn all the more jarring.
  4. Zoo Enthusiast

    AEW Saturday Night Dynamite - October 16, 2021

  5. Zoo Enthusiast

    AEW Rampage (and The Buy In) - October 15 2021

    I have seen people calling Danielson/Suzuki a MOTYC so it seems like the strike exchanges were successful. I thought it was a really good match but was longer than it needed to be and I don’t really think we need to see it again. As far as Punk as goes, the match with Sydal makes me think he’s “From Elvis In Memphis” era Elvis. And that’s the best Elvis.
  6. Zoo Enthusiast

    AEW Rampage - October 8 2021

    I finally got around to this episode this morning. Would agree with the Garcia match being the best of Punk’s so far in the comeback. Much like Bryan using the Cattle Mutilation as a finish on Nick Jackson, I liked Punk using the Anaconda Vice to beat Garcia. It’s good for the hierarchy. Garcia has been killing it every weekend against a variety of opponents and it has been really fun to watch. He has a lot of potential and I hope he gets to keep spreading his wings all over the country for a while longer yet. Liked Starks/Cage, too. The rest of the show was pretty much just filler to me but when it’s a 60 minute wrestling show being watched on DVR, it’s pretty hard for anything to be too offensive, at least for me.
  7. Zoo Enthusiast

    WWE TV 10/11 - 10/17 All Is Not Well in the House of Riddle

    He’s working.
  8. Zoo Enthusiast

    AEW Rampage (and The Buy In) - October 15 2021

    I’m just waiting to see who he will be working at Hammerstein.
  9. Zoo Enthusiast

    All Elite Wrestling

    Liked this interview with Tony Khan:
  10. Zoo Enthusiast

    [1990-08-27-WWF-Summerslam] Hulk Hogan vs Earthquake

    This show was one of the definitive tapes of my childhood that I watched a hundred times and wore out. Watching it tonight for the first time in probably 10 years and this match definitely holds up. Of course I wish it had a clean finish but I love it regardless. I’m sure some of it is nostalgia but there are some really clever spots and I really like Tenta a lot. Easily match of the night.
  11. Zoo Enthusiast

    Modern Indie Wrestling

    I don’t think they are competition. PWG is its own entity and since they don’t stream, they have access to some wrestlers that other companies don’t. Plus they only run one building (aside from occasional one-offs) as opposed to GCW running all over the country. PWG is essentially a hobbyist promotion while GCW is a true touring promotion. I love them both, though.
  12. Zoo Enthusiast

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I think Jason Jordan was starting to hit his stride before he got hurt. I was really enjoying him at that time.
  13. Zoo Enthusiast

    [2000-11-19-WWF-Survivor Series] Steve Austin vs HHH

    I had forgotten they actually ended a PPV like this. So weird. It goes completely off the rails when Austin doesn’t cover HHH after the Stunner and spends what feels like an eternity positioning a chair on HHH’s ankle and eventually his neck before HHH finally gets up and they walk and brawl into the backstage area. Once they go through the curtain, it goes from off the rails to absolute absurdity leading to the forklift finish. Just a very messy match, but great blood from HHH and Austin doing Austin stuff that I’ll never not pop for.
  14. Zoo Enthusiast

    All Elite Wrestling

    Yes, it’s absolutely still an issue in American sports.
  15. Zoo Enthusiast

    [2000-11-19-WWF-Survivor Series] The Rock vs RIkishi

    I really like this match. Very fun Rock performance and I loved Rikishi’s exaggerated selling like the flip bump on the clothesline as well as on the People’s Elbow finish. Probably not quite good enough that I’d go with a full **** boy on it but hella fun.