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[1991-10-26-WCW-Saturday Night] Sting & Bobby Eaton vs Cactus Jack & Abdullah the Butcher


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Got this for the Secret Santo project, a fun TV tag.


Starts out with Sting and Eaton rushing the ring to brawl for the shine. Cactus takes a nutty bump down a ramp at Center Stage. Only thing about Center Stage I like as a wrestling venue so far really. Eaton does a quick FIP (match is something like 7 minutes) that is good for the time it gets. Abby does some unexpected quick stuff like running across the ring to getting between Eaton and Sting after a tag that I wish would last the whole match. Eaton doesn't take any particularly nasty bumps to try and top Cactus, might be something that he does as a heel moreso than a face. He also uses mostly punches as offense. And as good as Eaton's punches are he has so much more offensively. Again, maybe something he does as a face and saves his more varied offense for when he is working heel. Have seen this in other Eaton matches from around the same time as well, so maybe he just didn't care for where he was after Corny and Stan left. Hot tag is fine, but Abby kind of bogs it down. Not sure he's worked enough of this kind of match to really know where to be when, because Sting has to track him down and get some token attacks in just to make things look good. Finish seems rushed and it's really odd that an Abby throat thrust would put anyone down for the three. Either somebody came up with the idea of enough attacks to the throat = finished (which would be a smart way of looking at things) or it's just lazy booking and/or wrestling. I'm leaning towards the second.


Fun TV match but it's hard to get into PG-rated Abby matches for TV when he can be so great in his element. Cactus is good, Eaton is not at his best but still good as the plucky FIP. Sting is kind of an afterthought besides all of the brawling with Cactus and a few brief moments after the hot tag. I did like getting to see Bobby play FIP and Cactus do his thing though.

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