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[1991-05-31-NJPW-Heavy Crush] Shinya Hashimoto vs Randy Thornton

Superstar Sleeze

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Shinya Hashimoto vs Randy Thurton - NJPW 5/31/91 Different Style Fight


Shinya Hashimoto path to redemption begins here. He has not wrestled since being KO's by the Finnish bruiser, Tony Halme back in February. I think it was smart to have his first match back be against a new opponent in a Different Style Fight. He gets to regain some credibility en route to beating Halme later in the year. Thurton is a black American kickboxer. I'm surprised he didn't go places. Tall, good looking, in good shape and good presence.


Clocking in at ~5 minutes great spring. Tons of energy. Thurton threw some good kicks and wailed on Hashimoto with punches. He bloodied him pretty good. Hashimoto was smart going for takedowns which Thurton evaded. Hashimoto bloodied found a weakness at the end of the first. I love Mutoh as Hashimoto corner man. Hashimoto spits his mouth guard at Thurton at the beginning of the second and it's on! Hashimoto in the flurry pops Thurton good with an elbow. Floors him. Best rainbow spinning heel kick, wipes him out. Head drop duplex and cross arm breaker. Hashimoto is back, bitches! He is coming for you, Tony Halme! ***1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-05-31-NJPW] Shinya Hashimoto vs Randy Thornton
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This new trend of early 90s Hashimoto matches involving smaller WCW/WWF names is some incredible trend. The folks at Segunda Caida did a very nice review of it and you should check it out, too!

Anyways, this thing is great. The first round is mostly about the feeling out process, and while Swoll tries to get the upper hand with his longer reach, Hash the king tries some nifty takedowns - and everytime he gets a hold of Swoll, he goes for the ropes, much for the crowd's annoyance. A late round rush gives the former No Limit Soldier the edge.

From there on, Hash gets fed up with him being dicked around by this fool, and starts to beat him senseless. Crazy forearm smashes, spinning kicks, roundhouse kicks, suplexes... a massacre.

Crazy how fun those little gems are. It's super short and super sweet. Barely 7 minutes long, worth every second.


Hashimoto is the Greatest.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-05-31 NJPW] Shinya Hashimoto vs Randy Thornton (Swoll)

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