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[2008-02-17-WWE-No Way Out] Batista vs The Undertaker vs Fit Finlay vs MVP vs Big Daddy V vs Great Khali (Elimination Chamber)

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So this is the era of the bastardization of the gimmick. A yearly PPV. The "right to fight the champ at Mania", which also weakened the Rumble. Two matches a card.


And this one has the major sin or all : it's boring.


Taker & Batista to start which is odd since they are the two biggest star. It's not very good, really. Not a huge fan of MMA Taker and the more I see of him the less I think of him.


Things actually pick up when Mabel gets in. They say that Matt Striker is his "handler", which is not racist at all. Man, pro-wrestling needs a fat as fuck giant tomorrow. Plus he can do shit and it actually gets better thanks to him. Sadly he gets eliminated. Well, that will end up being the most fun part of the match to me.


Great Khali. Gaawwwd. This guy is bad. Freakish, but really. More than two minutes are two much. Well, he's gone too.


Finlay gets in and the match goes nowhere. Finlay is overrated BTW. He's a super solid worker. Kinda like Bob Holly, ya know. Can't get over either. I really begin to fall asleep watching this.


MVP. Great gimmick. Taker fucks him up before he can get out, which is as much of a storyline you'll get. More boring acting until MVP gets thrown off a cell. Really, who thought any of these guys except Taker or Batista could win ? Man, Hornswoggle got into the chamber to pass the stupid baton to Finlay. That's what this match needs, silly shit. Finlay out soon. Takes a hideous bump on the steel, which Cole calls 'concrete'. Yeah, the announcing has sunk too at this point.


So it's Taker vs Batista working the ending sequence of a Mania self-conscious epic, with finisher kick outs and reversals. How much can I blame Taker for this way of working BTW ? It's just not very good, although the final reversal using the ropes does look cool.


Well. Best sequence was thanks to Big Daddy V. Best worker... well, no one shined, really. Boring match from start to finish. I'd call it the worst EC match because although the ECW one was terrible overall, it had its fun moments and crazy bumps. This was Taker vs Batista working a boring, plodding match while bodies served as distraction.


Bastardization, like I said.

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