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[2018-02-14-WWE-NXT] Pete Dunne vs Roderick Strong


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Started off with a really good control segment by Dunne - loved all the arm work he did throughout the match & Roddy's selling of it was good. Once they're on the outside Roddy gets back into things by dumping Dunne back first to the steel steps, and after that, the match essentially becomes a bombfest - a great one at that. ****

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This was great! Simple story of Dunne putting money in the bank with arm and finger work that allows him to get out of tricky situations down the road when Roddy is throwing big backbreakers. Loved how consistently Roddy was able to sell the damage to the hand and it really paid off for the finish. Exciting, high octane action with a simple story that helped the layout of the match wonderfully. Great stuff.



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Roddy is someone who can be painfully bland when he's not being a dick or being ruthless. Thankfully Dunne is the perfect dance partner to help Roderick to level up the violence. Dunne added a lot more to his arsenal in this match, including a perfectly executed Liger Bomb. He also hits a beautiful arm bar within seconds of the bell ringing, was not expecting that. The hand selling here was consistent, even when when the match reached it's back-and-forth finishing stretch.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-02-14-WWE-NXT] Pete Dunne vs Roderick Strong

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