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[1991-08-18-AJW] Takako Inoue vs Mariko Yoshida


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Title match of some kind. The opening matwork was really good right away. It looked like Yoshida had come in with an injury to her right leg and Takako, the champion, was taking full advantage. Yoshida is really good at creating a sense of struggle from underneath. Once it's Yoshida's turn to work over Takako's back it loses something for me. Takako just isn't as good at working from underneath. Yoshida's selling while working over Takako's back is good too. Once they go to the nearfalls selling seems like it is thrown out the window. I do like that they get across how high risk moves can cost you, but given the time the match runs it seems a little rushed. Yoshida crashes and burns on a dive when Takako moves. Her knee is the focal point of her selling again, which makes me wish she hadn't forgotten it for that stretch. Takako kills her with 3 back suplex variations where Yoshida is sitting on her shoulder, then goes to the leg for the finish. Takako selling her back post-match as well, but it's a little late.


Overall a good match with a strong layout that would have benefited from an extended run of offense from both after a missed high risk move and better selling by both. Give it 5 more minutes and extended selling of the back and leg during the offensive flurries and it would have been great.

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