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[1995-06-03-AJPW] Kenta Kobashi vs Johnny Ace


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JIP with a struggle over an apron suplex. Ace hits a rope-assisted Ace crusher while dropping off the apron that looks brutal. Kobashi can't seem to make anything stick for a while afterwards despite the usual 150% effort, and this sequence seems really well done. Ace gets caught during this part while going up for a moonsault. Kobashi is able to interrupt but Ace kicks him a few times and goes back on offense. Ace hits the moonsault but doesn't get 3. Kobashi takes over and hits a series of finisher level moves that he can't follow up on fast enough to make them a finish. It's a good sequence but Kobashi working from underneath is way better than Ace working from underneath. I liked Ace interrupting Kobashi's first moonsault attempt and using the taped , injured leg to drive it home a lot. It's down to one minute left and Kobashi is still on top, but can't keep much moving forward without having to sell the leg. Kobashi hits the moonsault with a little bit to spare, does he get the 3 or is it a draw?


Really good way to finish a match with these two. I have some quibbles with Ace's corner lariats and knees. But they told a really good story for what there was (9 minutes). Wouldn't mind seeing the full match at all.

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