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[1995-11-25-EMLL] Negro Casas vs El Hijo Del Santo

Phil Schneider

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This is a HH from the LA Sports Arena and a stellar example of the beautiful music these two can play with each other. I loved the knuckle lock monkey flip spots, which they always pull of flawlessly. Santo does his awesome headscissors counters too, which are always great. We get Santo's beautiful tope which Negro takes right into the chairs. This felt like very much a Santo match, with Casas more in the role of rudo base, he is incredible at that role, but I like it when he is a bit more front and center. Match was really chugging along, but I am not sure the low blow finish really worked for me. It is classic rudoism, but didn't feel like it belonged to the same match I was watching, otherwise this was a really great example of their magic with each other.

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Rob Bihari has been on an uploading frenzy the last few weeks with three "new" Casas/Santo matches being the obvious highlight. This was billed as a submission match yet this unfolded rather as the touring Casas/Santo show playing to a new, American audience. Plus this ended with a Dusty Finish pinfall/DQ but whatever.

Still, these are two prime wrestlers whose touring act is still better than the majority of matches being put out by others. I wouldn't call this a must view nor lost classic but it was a great reminder of how charismatic Casas is and just how breathtakingly fluid Santo is/was in his offense.

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