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[1981-11-14-WWF-Philadelphia, PA] Andre The Giant vs Killer Khan (Stretcher)

Superstar Sleeze

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Andre The Giant vs Killer Khan - WWF Philadelphia 11/14/81 Stretcher Match


One of the most famous matches of this era, Andre is looking to exact revenge for Khan breaking his ankle. I guess Andre broke his ankle getting out of bed so they shot an angle where Khan injured him or did they just say on TV that he did. Then on TV when Andre was giving an interview as an update on his recuperation, Khan attacked Andre with his crutch reinjuring the ankle. Here comes Andre now ready to kick some ass. No fun comedy spots. Andre here was ready to rock. Headbutts, punches, slaps and Khan could run but he could not hide. Andre just sits on him with all his own weight. Andre misses a headbutt. This is Khan's only chance. He ties up the ankle in the ropes. Khan attacks the ankle. Khan tries to have Andre put on the stretcher. Oh yeah, so they bring in a stretcher and the ref & trainer try to put the man on the stretcher. Andre ROARS back whacking Khan with the stretcher! I thought the match kinda petered out after that. Andre just sits on Khan a lot. Khan would resist getting on the stretcher. Andre would sit back on him. Andre splashes him to win. Andre definitely kicked ass. It just did not feel like that fist pumping moment. Definitely a good match, but pales in comparison of their New Japan classic. ***1/2

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Khan previously injured Andre's ankle and spends most of this match trying to take it out again. Andre gets tied up in the ropes and Khan goes to town on his hurt foot. Andre was great at selling the injury and he's still quite agile at this point in time. The stretcher stipulation meant there was long periods of crew members trying to tie the wrestlers to the stretcher, and it hurt the match overall. Despite the abysmal stipulation, these guys brought their a games and it results in a good feud ender.


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