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[1974-04-26-NJPW] Antonio Inoki vs Seiji Sakaguchi


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This was another cool match altough way closer to your typical 70s match. The opening was pretty hot with Sakaguchi taking the fight to the outside to bash Inoki's head in and then landing a big press slam and atomic drop soon after. They move into a more technical bout and it's pretty much akin to something you'd see in WoS or AJPW. Lots of hold/counterhold stuff, monky flip sequences, Inoki working 4 or 5 Indian Deathlock variations etc.. Nothing mindblowing but they looked good working this style and the 30 minutes flew by.

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I was surprised at how fast the opening was but they soon settle into a more methodical rhythm. I had never seen Sakaguchi but he's very good in this, he has a very pro style interspersed with some great throws, as you'd expect from his past. Sakaguchi comes across as stronger and faster, but Inoki bests him in most exchanges. Something like a body triangle being this incredibly painful hold for Sakaguchi is a hard sell, but for the most part I was able to buy into the struggle. Sakaguchi has to submit to a figure four after Inoki decides he's not doing rope breaks. Very good match.

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