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[1975-03-20-NJPW] Antonio Inoki vs Tiger Jeet Singh


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This starts out hot with Inoki going to town on Singh by punching him in the face repeatedly. Of course they settle down do some matwork, but Singh looks shockingly competent here: actually wrestling Inoki, and using cheating tactics to keep the advantage. When Inoki grabs a basic wristlock, he really tortures Singh, who does a mindblowingly good job selling as he was walking around with a limp arm for minutes afterwards and wincing when Inoki reached for it again. He actually reminded me a bit of a Mick McManus/Jim Breaks type with his mix of fun highly exaggerated selling and cheating tactics. Inoki selling a Singh choke by drooling all nastily was a good way to establish Singh as dangerous again. The finishing run was extremely basic but fun. I especially liked them struggling over a suplex. Singh attacks Inoki with an umbrella and threatens to bring his spike into play, so Inoki starts throwing punches again. No finish because they had more matches to come. Shockingly fine match.

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NWF Heavyweight Champion Tiger Jeet Singh vs Antonio Inoki - NJPW 3/20/75

According to Cagematch, Singh defeated Inoki for the NWF title 7 days prior to this rematch. The announcers definitely say this is for the NWF Title but Singh does not come out with the Championship but I will take Cagematch at its word. Singh gets bombed with a milk bottle on the way in. I am on the Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo. I had the best Tempura of my life in Osaka and for dessert I had strawberries, condensed milk over shaved ice it was incredible. ICHIBAN~! 

This match was not. Singh is just not compelling at all on top. The head scissors, the chokes/chinlocks, all that didn’t do anything for me. Inoki comes out swinging with closed fists at the bell this makes sense given he lost the belt a week ago so he is pissed off. Singh does a great job selling these punches like a heel, really being a chump. I am surprised Singh is able to wrestle Inoki down without much cheating. Inoki in his hope spots are great especially the knuckle lock twist which Singh sells really effectively. When Inoki is on offense it is a pretty compelling, entertaining match. Inoki goes for the abdominal stretch but Singh makes the ropes. Singh gets desperate and gets a hold of an umbrella one of those old school with the point that he jabs Inoki with in the crowd. Singh gets a proto-Jackhammer for his near fall. He whips out the Sheik mysterious white pen like thingy. Inoki gets a hold of it and blasts him until he bleeds and he is seeing red and he is blasting everyone. Ref throws the match out as double countout. Inoki suplexes Singh back into the ring and pins Singh but the ref has already thrown out the match. Inoki is a wild man in the post-match just going bezerk blasting everything and everybody. 

The Inoki offense is wicked but Singh just lying in holds makes it hard to call this good. 

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