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[2015-11-14-JAPW-19th Anniversary Show] Rey Mysterio Jr vs Low Ki


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One of these dream matches we didn't know we wanted to watch until it was booked and it lives up to expectations. Rey has historically bummed knees from all the crazy dives from over the past 20 years, so Ki goes after that first and then they do a cool knuckle lock section with Ki headbutts, Rey kicks to the mouth and neck bridges. There's a ton of cool stuff moving forward with Rey popping Ki in the mouth with a springboard dropkick before doing a baseball slide dive to the floor, Ki's John Woo dropkick on a seated Rey, Ki adjusting the Warrior's Way only for him to get dumped off the top by Rey and the highlight for me was the constant tease of the 619 which was built around perfectly. On one of the 619 attempts, Ki pulls on the second rope and Rey takes a nasty bump on the outside which is reminiscent of one of his nutty WCW day bumps. Rey finally hitting the 619 got a massive pop due to the extensive tease, plus Rey finishing with the tribute Eddie frog splash was an awesome way of closing this out. Great match.

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This match came after a 4 hour show with one other averagish match, and some real stinkers, so it had to make the trip from DC worth it, and man did it deliver. They opened up with some leg work, but based the beginning of the match around a long knuckle lock where they threw a bunch of cool twists into a basic spot, including both guys showing crazy neck strength in bridges and Ki throwing elbows while keeping his fingers laced. Rey is totally nuts, I don't know how much he is charging for an indy date, but he made sure the promotion got it's money's worth. He does a Pete Rose slide to the floor splash, takes a couple of nutso bumps off misses 619's and lets Ki kicking him in the face. Ki maybe the 2015 wrestler of the year and he had three matches on tape, he works as Rey's base like he was 1996 Juventud and adds a bunch of his cool shit too. Ki is a JAPW original, and works simultaneously as a Rey Base and Fed Ace.

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