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My Fantasy Booking\of the1990's


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Key changes from real time line
1 Ajpw never left the NWA
2 the AAA Split does not happen untill later in the decade say 1996 insent of 1991
3 the WWF never cut its ties with NJPW in 1985
4 UWFi never formed since the old UWF never failed
5 UWA from Mexico and IWA are both allied with NJPW and WWF
7 no Turner Buy out of JCP

8 The JWP LLPW split happens in 1990 not

9 no FMW
10 no RINGS
11 some debuts may be before they were in ou timeline than
12 JWP is teamed up with all Japan

January 4th 1990 World Wrestling Clash in the egg

match 1
Bret hart vs Ishizawa Tokimitsu 10 min draw
match 2 WWF world Light HW title vacant
Owen hart vs Joe Melenko winner joe melenko 22 mins 33 seconds
match three WWWA WWF womens title unifcation match Aja kong vs Monster ripper Double ko finish at 17 mins 18 seconds both titles vancant
match 4 Maeda Akira vs Hashimoto Shinya winner maeda 28 mins 18
match 5 Dick Vij vs Norman Smiley winner Viji TKO 11 01
match 6 Yamamoto Hiroyoshi vs Iizuka Takayuki winner Yamamoto 10 mins
match 7
WWF IC Title
Takada Nobuhiko vs Mr Perfect Winner Perfect 15 03
Match 8 IWGP Jr HW Title
Sano vs Dynamite kid winner sano 32 15
Semi main
Tag title unification IWGP VS WWF
Sasaki/Hase vs Nasty boys winners sasaki/hase 9
Main event
WWF vs IWGP title unification match
Sgt vs vader winner vader 15 00

AJPW new years sries 1990
jan 3rd - 21st
Day 1
match 1 dean Meloeko vs Mighty Inoue winner mighty 12.00
match 2 Misawa and kawada vs Arn and tully winners Misawa and kawada 32 37
Match 3 Baba and Ogawa vs taue and Fuchi winners Taue and fuchi 22 11
match 4 Satsujin vs Ryukenhou winners Ryukenhou 19 01
match 5 triple crown title
Tenryu vs vs luger winner tenryu 12 00
day 2 jan 5th
match 1 Kabuki vs Sangara Chicana winner chicana [ 11 50
Match 2
Kobashi vs Kerry von erich winner Kobashi 22.00
All Japan Jr Hw title
Match 3 Onita vs fuchi winner onita 18 00
match 4 Misawa vs Hasen end in double Ko 25 03
match 5 Sasujin vs Revolution winner Revolution 48.05

day three
jan 8th
match 1 Dean Meinko vs Kikuchi Tsuyoshi 30 min draw
match 2 Revolution vs the Blonds winners the blonds 17 08
match 3
ace vs Misawa winner Misawa 16 35
match 4
All Japan Jr hw contender match
Fishman vs Ogawa winner ogawa 17 06
Match 5 JWP ivonational match
Crush Gals vs Jumping Bomb Angles

day 4 JWP SP the Joshi batlle in Budokan]
Jan 10

Match 1
JWP Tag team titles
Crush Gals vs the Queens of combat [ Kudo and Toyoda]
winners the queens 18.00
match 2 Jackie Sato vs Yamazaki Itsuki winner Yamazaki 25.09
Match 3
Bolshoi Kid vs Tateno Noriyo winner Bolshoi 15.00
Match 4
JWP jr title Kazama Rumi vs Kansai

New world classic at the Jo hall
match 1
WWWA world unified crown tuemenat
Round 1
Match 1
Dump Matsumoto vs Madusa winner madusa 11 20
Match 2
Hamada vs Yamada Winner Yamada 17 .00
match 3
Ulitma Tigarita vs Hotta Yumiko winner Tigarita 18.00
match 4 Hakuto vs Mathta vliialobos winner Hakuto 28.00
Match 5 Ehster mirano vs Toyota Minami wiiner Minami
Match 6 Bull nakano vs Bison Kimura winner Bison Kimura 17.00

Match 7 Aja kong vs Ozaki mayumi winner Aja kong 30 50

Match 8
Jaguar Yokota vs Shimoda mima winner Yokota 52 40

Round 2
Match 9 Bison Kimura vs Tigarita winner Bison 22.00

Match 10 Yamada vs Yokota winner Yamada 47 54

Match 11 Aja kong vs Madusa winner Aja 22.00

Match 12 Toyota Minami vs Hakuto Akira winner toyoya by ko 55.05

semi finals

Aja vs yamada winner Yamada 35 09

Toyota vs Kimura winner Toyota 39 09

final Yamada Toshiyo vs Toyota minami winner Yamada 72 32

AJPW new years sries 1990 part 2
day five
Jan 13
match 1 Misawa vs Octogon winner misawa 21.25
match 2 AJPW JR titke
Ogawa vs Onita winner Onita 35.00
match 3 Choshu vs Sting winner Choshu
Match 4 NWA world tite under under style 62 min match rules
Ric Flair vs Jumbo Tsuruta winner jumbo 61 58

day 6 Jan 21

Match 1
kabuki vs hansen winner hansen 11 05
match 2 ]
Williams vs Taue winner Williams 20 01
Match 3
Kobashi vs Steven Regal winner Regal 35.05
Match 4
NWA world welterweight title Ogawa vs MS1 winner ogawa 25 09
match 5 Unified triple crown title
Tenryu vs Ric flair 60 min draw
match 6
NWA world HW Championship
Jumbo Tsuruta vs Tarzan Goto winner jumbo 35.56


i not sure this is the place to post this


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feb 1990

World Cup of Wrestling

Flair [us]

Steamboat [usa

Konan [Cuba]

Owen Hart [ Canada]

Steve Gray[ England ]

Steve Regal [ England]

Dave Finlay [ Ulster]

Steve Wright[ Germany ]

Black Terry[ Mexico ]

El Satanico[ Mexico]

Volk Han [ Dagistan]

Vitor Zangif [ Russia]

Luke Wilimas[ new Zealand]

Shota Chokanavilli[ Russia]

Jose Gonzalez[ Porto Rico ]

Dimitar Petkov [ bulgiria]

Kiyoshi tamura [Japan]

Lee Dong Gook[ ROK]

Bret hart [ CAN]

Chris Hesman][ AUS]

Hans Nijman[ Hol]

Blue Wolf[ mon]


night 1


Wolf vs Tamura Winner submission 3;05 Tamura[2]

Dong vs Owen Hart [ hart Winner 22;06 Hart [2]

Nijman vs Shota[ Winner 12;11 Shota [2]

Satanico vs Hesman Double ko 23 56 1 point each

Zangief vs Konan winner ref stoppage 35;09 Zangif [2]

Petkov vs Gray winner [ Gray[2] ko 20;09 ]

Black Terry vs Steve Wright [ Winner Black Terry [2] 21;06]

Steamboat vs Wiliiams[ Winner Steamboat 9;09]

Finley vs Flair [ winner Ref stoppage Blood loss Finley[2] 36;01 ]

Gonzalez vs Hart [ winner submission Hart[2] 2;03]

Han Vs Regal draw 60;00 [ 1 point each]



night 2

wolf vs Gonzalez [ winner wolf [2] 8;10]

dong vs nijman [winner Dong[2] ko 12;09]

Steamboat vs Terry[ winner terry[4] 25;12]

Regal[1]= vs Zangif[ 2] [Winner Zangif[4] 37;11 ]

Wright vs Petkov winner Wright[ 2]25;09[2]

Wiliiams vs Hesman[ winner ko Haseman 11;09 [2]

Flair vs owen hart winner[ Flair [2]]

bret hart vs Shota [ Winner[ Shota 12;09[3]

Finley[2] vs konan winner Konan 11;09[2]

Han vs Steamboat [winner Han[3]Submission 18;06]

Tamura vs Satanico[ winner Tamura reffstop 21;08]

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Night 3

Wolf vs Steamboat [Winner Wolf [2] 21;02]

Shota vs Dong [Winner Dong[4]11;30 ]

Tamura vs Wright [ Winner Tamura [6] 21.09]

Han vs Owen hart Winner Han [5] 28;10

Gray vs Bret hart [ Winner Bret [3] 11;09

Satanico vs Williams[ Winner Satanico[3] 9;09

Terry vs PetKov Winner Terry [6] 17;09 ]

Hesman vs Flair winner Flair[4] 22;00]

Konan vs Regal [Winner Ko Regal[3] 18;01]

Gonzales vs Njiman winner Nijman[3] 2;09]

Finley vs Zangif [Draw 60;00 ]




Night 4

Shota vs Gray Wnner Shota [7] 10;50

Zangif vs Hesman winner Zangif [7] 23;01

Gonzales vs Owen Hart winner Owen[4] 7;04 ]

Finley vs Wright Winner Wight [2]

Bret hart vs Dong [ Winner Bret[5]

Flair vs Petkov Winner Ref Stopage Blood Pekov[2] 21;29

Satanico vs winner Regal [5] 15;32

Nijman vs Terry [ winner Terry[8] 18;09

Han vs Wolf [ Winner Han[7] 11;13]

Tamura vs Williams [ winner Tamura[8] 38;22]

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Night 5

Willimas vs Owen hart Winner Wiliams [2] 11;02]

Wolf vs Petkov [Winner Petkov[4] 15;09]

Flair vs Steamboat [ Winner Steamboat[4] 52;08 ]

Wright vs Gray Winner Gray[4] 21;03]

Han vs Bret hart [ Winner Han[9][23;02]

Konan vs Shota [ Winner Shota[9] [16;05]

Regal vs Terry [winner Regal[7] [16;09]

Gonzales vs Satanico [Winner Satanico[5] 12;08]

Tamura vs Finley [Winner Tamura [ 10] 35;09]

Dong vs Hesman winner Dong[6] 14;09]

Zangif vs Nijman[ winner Zangif[9] 17;09]


Day 6

Regal vs Gonzales[ Winner Reagal[9] 5;19]

Dong vs Gray Winner Dong[8] 8;09

Satanico vs Terry winner Satanico[7] 18;09]

Nijman vs Konan [ winner Konan[4] 14;09]

Shota vs Zangif [ winner Zangif[11]17;09]

Wiliams vs Wright winner Wight[6] 21;09]

Bret vs Owen [ Winner[ Owen[6] 32;09]

Han vs Petkov winner Han[11] 36;32]

haesman vs Finley winner[ Heasman[4]

Tamura vs Flair draw 60;00


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Night 7

Satanico vs Petkov [ Winner Satanico[9] 25;02

Flair vs Shota Winner Shota[11] 34;09]

Wiliams vs Gonzales[ Double Count Count out 15;12]

Gray vs Regal [ Winner Gray[6] 18;09]

Terry vs Dong [Winner Terry [9] 18;00]

Njiman vs Owen [Winner Owen[8] 13;07 ]

Bret vs Wolf[ winner Wolf[6] 11;00 ]

Konan vs Hesman[ winner Konan[6] 13;09]

Zangif vs Steamboat [ Winner Zangif[13] 32.00]

Tamura vs Dong winner[ Tamura][13] 15;09]

Han vs Wright[ Winner Han[13] 18;08]

Steamboat vs Nijman Winner steamboat[6] 17;09]

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day 8

Steamboat vs Dong [Winner Dong[10] 20,00

Han vs Njiman [winner Han[15] 11;00]

Flair vs Terry [ Winner Terry[11] 1

Satanico vs Shota [ Winner Shota[13] 10;09

Zangif vs Gonzales {Winner Zangif[28;09]

Williams vs Regal Winner[ Regal [8] 15;08]

Petkov vs Konan[ Winner Petkov[4] 17;09]

Bret vs Tamura[Tamura[15] 45;09]

Han vs Gray[ winner Han[15] 19;09 ]

Owen vs Gray [Winner Gray[6] 10;08]

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World cup of wrestling round two


Group phase two

Group a






Group B






Round 1

Han vs Regal winner Han [3] [ 28 12]

Dong vs Terry winner Terry[3] 19;05

Shota vs Tamura winner vis TKO[ Shot [3] 20 22]

Zangif[1]vs Satanico[1] time draw 60


Round 2

Regal vs Zangif winner Zangif [4] 18.09]

Dong[4] vs Tamura [1] [Doble ko Draw] 23;09

Satanico[1] vs han [3] winner Han 33;06

Terry[6] vs shota[3] Winner Terry 23'09]


Round 3

Regal[3] vs Satanico [1] Winner regal Ko 14;08]

Tamura[4] vs Terry[6] winner Tamura 19;08]

Dong [4] vs Shota [6] Winner shota 23;09

Zangif[4] vs Han[6] winner han 18;09]



Round 4

Dong[7] vs Terry[6] winner [TKO 35;09]

Rega[6] vs Han[6] winner [ regal; by lost ponits 34;43]

Shota[6] vs Tamura [7] winner tamura 51'20

Zangif[4] vs satanico[4] winner satanico 21,09]


Round 5

Tamura[[10] vs Terry [7] winner Tamura 25;09]

Han [8] vs Zangif [5] Double ko 34;09

Regal[9] vs Satanico[7] winner Satanico 18;09]

Shota[6]vs Dong [7] winner by lost ponits dong 25;00


Round 6

Tamura [13] vs Dong[7] winner Tamura 21;32]

Zangif[8] vs Reagal [9] winner zangif 18;09

Han[11] vs Satanico [7] winner han 23;09

Terry [10] vs Shota[6] winnter terry 26;09



World cup oif wrestling finals days


non tournament match


sano vs Konan[ winner sano 14;09 ]


non tournament match

Yamada vs Super Porky [ winner porkey 12;09]


non tournament match


Steve Wight and Black Tiger Vs Kobashi and misawa [time draw 25;00]


non-tournament match

ole arn Ric falir Tully vs Hara Tenryu Yatsu and Jumbo winner tenryu team 35 ;11


Semi final 1


Han vs Terry winner Han 27;09]


Semi final 2

Tamura vs Regal winner Tamura 38;09


3rd place Decision Match


Terry vs Regal winner Regal 18;09



Decision Match


han vs tamura winner by lost points Volk Han [75;17]




this next post will be the start oif April 1990


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April 1990


April 4th

News conference announcing Unified world HeavyWeight Tournament Vince McMahon Paco Lutterroth Shinma [ UWF] Inoki Baba Hamada Jim Crockett


April 7th


WWF Superstars

Bret Hart vs Shinya Hashimoto winner Hashimoto 15;00

Muta vs Savage winner Savage 18;00

Chono Vs Shawn Micheals 20 Min Draw



Arena Mexico April 11th

Liger vs Ultimo Guerrero Winner Ultimo 17;00

Pegasus Kid vs Ultmio Dragon winner Pegasus 15;00

Atlantis vs Volodor winner Atlantis 2-1 35,09


All Japan Tv Apirl 13


JWP Offer match

Dynamite Kansai vs Ozaki winner Ozaki 29;06

Ogawa vs Fishman [ Double Count Out 20;09

Tiger Mask vs Terry Gordy winner Gordy

NWA vs Triple Crown Unification Match 2 of three falls]

Jumbo vs Tenryu draw 1-1 63;00


New Japan Dontaku in Fukuoka 20th


Zenjo Offer match

Toyota /Yamada vs Jungle Jack winner Jungle Jack 19;09


LLPW Offer Match

Kandori vs Endo winner Kandori 12;09


Hogan vs Sakaguchi winner Sakaguchi 18;09


Savage vs Izuka winner Savage 18;09


Team Canada vs ishingun winner Ishingun 17;00


IWGP Tag Team Titles


Team UWF [ Takayama and Suzuki ] vs Hase and Sasaki


IWGP Jr title

Sano vs Black Terry 60 min time draw]


Owen Hart Comes out and demands a Unification match


Unified WWF and IWGP HW Title match

Vader vs Hashimoto winner Ko Hashimoto 32;09


UWF and LLPW we are Shoot style pro wrestling in Bay Park 28th


Kakihara vs Rouche winner Kakihara 12;00

Super Tiger vs Takayama winner Takayama 23;00

Kazama vs Kandori winner Kazama 28;59

Maeda vs Fujiawara winner Fujiwara 40;07

Volk han vs Sakuraba double lost ponits 19;09


commmets welcome]


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May 1990


WWF/NJPW UWF Great War in the in Meiji Jingu may 5th


Match 1

JJ Jacks vs The Rockers IWGP JR HW Tag Team no 1 contenders match


The opening 5 minutes of the match is the fast set of transitions Between Michaels and Nogami, Nogami gets the upper hand Hot tag to Marty at 5;16 He cleans house , with fast Flying Lariets and Dropkicks and mat work Iizuka comes in at 8;18 beginning the closing stretch Match ends at 12;09 with German Suplex by Nogami


Hype Video for the Jr unification match between Sano and Hart video last 6 mins includes clips of Sano vs liger 1989 Match and Hart vs Black Tiger [Rocco] from the UK


Marty Jones and Steve Regal vs Yamazaki and Takada


UWF rules match 20 points 45 minutes time list

00;00 -02;50 Yamazaki Trades Kicks with Regal's Slaps and chops

2;51-6;00 Regal Takes down Yamazaki in a Chancery first lost point Rope Brake Yamazaki Tag s out

6;10-9;09 Takada Kocks down regal with Head kick 7 count first three Jones comes in Takes down Takada Lost Point Takada gets up and get taken down again within 30 seconds 3 lost points each

9;10-13;30 mat work exchanges between Jones and Yamazaki

13;31-21;40 Jones Knocksdown8 count Yamazaki and 15;50 6-3 lead for Jones regal Takada mat exchanges until rope brake of a leg bar then another rope brake Heel hook 6-4 20;02 tags out Takada and Regal

21;50 -30;00 25;09 Knockdown 8 count Regal Takada 9-4 26;50 knockdowns 6 count Takada on Jones 9-7 Mat exchanges 29;58 Fujiwara Armbar on Jones Leads to rope brake 9-8

30;01 -34-;59 30-23 knockdown 7 count f flying knee regal on Takada 12-8 Knockdown Yamazaki on jones 12-11 9 Count Mat exchanges lead to Cross Arm-breaker Takada on regal 12-12 34;59

35;00-45;00 38-09 Standing 8 count Regal on Takada 15-12 40;02 knee bar Takada regal rope brake 15-13 41;08 standing 8 count Yamazaki on Jones Head Kick 16-15 43;00 Front face lock leading to rope brake 16-16 43;34 armbar rope brake regal on Takada 17-16 44;02 Armbar Jones on Takada rope brake 17;15 44;32 Head Kick Takada one jones 18-17 time out winner Takada and Yamazaki on points


Match 3


Hashimoto Muto Chono vs Inoki Saito and Sakaguchi


00;00-06;00 The Older Team start off on top Muto having to battle off many Saito plex attempts

06;01-10;00 Chono comes in Cleans house many ddts and cradles pins on Sakaguchi and Inoki

10;01- 14;11 10;30 Saito hits a Saito Plex on Muto both Role out the Ring 11;20 Hashimoto comes in with rolling Koppu kick stunning Inoki Sakaguchi comes but get over power by the young King Hashimoto Wins with a Vertical Drop DDT on Sakaguchi


Hype Video for the unified world title Tournament that begins in Mexico in ten days times


Main event

UWF vs New Japan

Sakuraba vs Vader



Vader dominates for the six minutes Dominating the young lion with strikes that lead to two standing 8s for Sakuraba

10;08 -13;09 Sakuraba comes back wins with a standing Triangle hold by ko


after the main event, the unified WWF/IWGP Champion comes out and challenges Sakuraba to match

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May 7th

All Japan TV


Opening Match

Ace/Animal vs Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas


00;00 05;00

Opening Exchanges Lariats Headlocks and Powerslam my animal for 2 count

05;01- 11;09

Ricky and sane make there comeback unuttl animal catche a High cross from Ricky and hits power slam for 2 a count at 09;02 then as ace and animal are hoisting out ricky for the sky-high Ricky rolls up for the pins at 10;09


Match 2 Revolution vs FuchiGorai

00;00 -06;00 Hara and Tenryu try and Fail to outpower Williams and Gordy Leading to powerbomb and close falll at 5;05

06;01 t- 15;00 Tenryu and grody Battle each other until Gordy get the upper hand then har get tag in him and Gordy battle it out un tiill hara hits laiate that take hi m and Gordy out the thr Ring Gordy is Kock out by the Move as hara smashes his head of the fllor koing him slef as he falls double count-out at 15:00


Match three Owaga vs Fuchi n=number 1 contneder for the JR title

00-00 - 10-00

The older more Experienced Fuchi gains the upper hand over the younger Ogawa inducing a close fall at 8;08

10;01 - 16;08

Back and forth untill Ogawa get the his moves in Slamd and Brainbuster in at 11;06 for 2 count fall then as Fuch is making his comeback he misses a dropkick and ogawa Rolls him up for the three count


Tiger mask comes to Ring askes Unmasks and asks Ogawa to form a team

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May 9 JWP TV WOW SPORTS @ Ariake

Match 1

Combat Toyoda vs Mayumi Ozaki


00;00 -05;00 Opening Exchanges Toyoda on top with her Power advantage it spills out of the Ring

05;00-12;00 brawling around the ring and the whole stadium including many chair shots as they get to the ring both are split open

12;01- 17;08 many close falls mainly for Ozaki as the bigger Toyoda is loosing her steam un still ozaki goes up the ropes and loses her footing and Toyota hits Thunder fire bomb for the ko victory



Match 2 Jackie sato vs Bolshoi Kid

00;00 -05-00 sato wins the opening Exchanges

05;01 - 08;09 Kid Make a comback untill a run in of Dump Matsumoto Bull Nakano and Aja Kong


The JWP Zenjo Fued begins


All the younger JWP Young Lioness try and Fail to Get the Doumei out of the ring until the stadium goes dark and Kansai and and teh still Bolld ozaki run and clear the ring with Chairs 40 minute segment




NJPW TV 11th of January


Funaki Masaharu vs Jushin Liger


00;00-05-00 Funaki winning the first exchanges including a close submission to a Standing sleeper hold only broken when Funaki falls in to the ropes

05;01-10;00 Liger comes back with a couple of hand knee strikes and running liger bomb for 2 count

10;01 to 13;05 Liger win wi SSP


Fujiwara vs Choshu

00;00 -06;30 the opens exchaes won by Choshu untill Fujiwara Doges Riki Lairtae and lock a Fujiwara armbar and tap outs Choshu


New Japan and UWF Introduce there repsentive for the unified world title Tournament


UWF team sakuraba Fujiwara Han Suzuki

New japan Team Koshinaka Choshu Hase Sasaki 18 min segment


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