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[1988-10-24-WWF-MSG, NY] Rick Rude vs Jake Roberts

Superstar Sleeze

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Rick Rude vs Jake Roberts - MSG 10/24/88


For such a famous angle (Rude hitting on Cheryl Roberts), the follow up matches are never talked about. Why is it that they did not wrestle at Summerslam 88? Why did they only have one match at MSG? The feud seemed to be used to draw in LA which WWF was running a lot in the summer of 88. I thought this was a good match. The pre match stipulation stated the first person to hit their finish (DDT vs Rude Awakening) would win. Rude did some good stooging early on in the wristlock. High stepping, going over the top rope just to be dragged in. I liked the tease of the DDT early. I thought the transition to heat was weak. It was an eyerake then an atomic drop then a post shot. Roberts threw some wild punches Rude knocked him down. Rude goes for the Rude Awakening, but Jake bites the hand! Good transition back to Jake for his comeback. Roberts made his comeback with some good kneelifts. They did some good ribald humor by showing Rude's ass, which got a big pop. Roberts misses a kneelift hard. Instead of trying to win, Rude taunts Cheryl Roberts, she goes for the slap, but he catches her. BANG! DDT! It was a little too sudden so the pop was not massive. Jake goes for the pin 1-2-3 for the emphatic victory and gets more of a pop. I don't know if the pinfall was ad-libbed to give this a bit more finality or if Roberts forgot, but I liked it better than the match just ending with the DDT. Cheryl gets her licks in and they throw Damien on him. The finisher psychology was solid and they mixed in Cheryl well at the end. It was just nothing special just a very solid match. It is not surprising then that this feud is not fondly remembered besides the great angle at the beginning of the feud. ***

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Rick Rude has some incredible airbrushed tights of his own face on tonight.  Jake brings his wife, Cheryl, to the ring to sit ringside.  Jake puts Rude in a wristlock to start, which has Rude flailing all over the ring.  There was much discussion from the commentary team about how much of a distraction Cheryl would be for Jake.  It ended up being Rick Rude who was more distracted by her than Jake.  Rude slid out of the ring early to confront her, causing Cheryl to get out of her chair and run away.  Rick would constantly be yelling at her while he had Jake beaten down.  The finish came with Jake down, and Rude again going over to gloat to Cheryl.  She tries to slap him, but Rude see it coming and blocks it.  He turns around and attempts to slam Jake, but Jake reverses and hits the DDT!  The stipulation was the first person to hit their finisher would be the winner but...the match doesn't end?  Jake then gets the pinfall and the ref counts to three.  Maybe I misunderstood something there. 

Match was average.  Cheryl being ringside added some heat, but she lacked the charisma for the role.  She didn't look all that concerned when Rude came after her, or at any time while Jake was being beaten down.  She came into the ring after Rude was pinned and slapped the crap out of him, but didn't seem that angry with him.  You never know what you are going to get with wrestlers family, sometimes they're a natural and sometimes not.

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