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[1988-07-22-NJPW] Antonio Inoki vs Riki Choshu


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A sprint! Inoki stalls to begin with, then tries a leg trip to the outside and Choshu is fighting for dear life against that damn leg trip. Earth to wrestlers: this is how you tell your audience why your moves are important – by creating STRUGGLE. Choshu immediately blitzes Inoki and just tries to run him over basically, but Inoki takes it to the ground and dominates him there for a while, also hitting some great enzuigiris and Ali kicks. Inoki seems to have the upper hand for a few exchanges, but then Choshu clocks him with a lariat out of nowhere! Inoki is seeing stars and narrowly avoids another one, but Choshu connects another to the back of the skull and that's it. Choshu does the impossible in less than 10 minutes! Ferocious stuff and the equivalent to something like Dundee/Rich. Two guys doing what they do best, sticking to their roles and putting eachother over.

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Antonio Inoki vs Riki Choshu - NJPW 7/22/88

HOT SHIT~! Total sprint! 

Inoki was on offense a lot in this match and I cant believe that didnt sound alarm bells in my head what would happen. They start with a King of the Mountain at the bell with Choshu in the ring and Inoki on the apron. Choshu wont let Inoki in. Inoki trips Choshu and Choshu fends him off from dragging him to the outside. Inoki immediately comes in but is met with a powerslam. Inoki fires off an enziguiri but Choshu roars back. Great struggle over a suplex than an armbar. Inoki wins into a Short Arm Scissors. CHOSHU DEADLIFT~! Into a fallaway slam! Nice deep headscissors by Choshu, but Inoki has a ton of energy comes right out and works an Indian Deathlock and plays to the crowd. The crowd was eating it up. Choshu runs him over with a hybrid shouldertackle/lariat for two. Choshu winds up for the big one, INOKI GERMAN! 1-2-NO! Inoki cant believe and seems a little dazed...AXE BOMBAH~! 1-2-3! CHOSHU BEAT INOKI CLEAN! THIS WAS FUCKING AWESOME! ****1/4

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