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[1991-03-02-AJPW-Excite Series] Dean Malenko vs Masanobu Fuchi


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JIP. Only 5 minutes are shown, but there is some awesome shit here. Dean does all sorts of athletic moves. This Dean still has that boyish body, but facially looks the same as Dean always does. Dean is really exaggerated here, flippin' and playing to the crowd. When he goes to the top rope, he poses to pose, then pauses to pose AGAIN, the takes a breath before climbing... he may aswell be carrying a sign that says „I am going to get military pressed off the rope“. The match is a junior's match for sure but they go for pin combos and submissions rather than impact stuff, which I like a lot. Then it really looks like there's no way Fuchi can turn it around and then he pulls out that badass little finish. Great clip.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-03-02-AJPW-Excite Series] Dean Malenko vs Masanobu Fuchi
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Five minutes of Dean Malenko showing the world he's the fucking best. He bust out all kinds of technical wizardry. The only thing he can't seem to do is not look goofy whenever he playts to the crowd. The Korakuen Hall crowd doesn't seem to mind, though. Too brief to rate, but well worth a gander. 

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