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[2018-04-06-WAVE] Mika Iida vs Konami


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This is a match on Mika Iida retirement road. The match itself only goes a little more than six minutes but it sure as hell an awesome six minutes. The whole match is just a constant flow holds being exchanged with a few strikes and suplexes being mixed in. It could have used a couple of more minutes to get them to build to more of a finish, but it's really hard to complain with what they did here. ****

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I went into this match with fairly high hopes, but whilst there was flashes of things that I liked, overall I came away somewhat disappointed - which is pretty much a summation of how I've felt about all the Mika Iida I've seen, honestly.

I liked the focus on quickly-paced grappling they went for here, though neither woman quite has that fluidity and quickness of motion that can make that style really stand out. The strike exchanges I could have done without; I didn't get the sense that there was any real power behind them, which is disappointing given that Konami is a Kana trainee, though she did throw the best strike of the match with that headkick late on. Also, why is she dressed like Syuri? What a betrayal!

Overall, this was okay but it could have been a lot more. There are worse ways to spend


From what I understand, Iida has separated her shoulder since this and so might not actually be able to wrestle her own retirement match, which absolutely sucks and would be the most Mika Iida ending to her career. Hopefully she recovers in time.

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