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  1. I wouldn't know if this is how he always does it, but Negro Casas hit a really sweet looking one on Soberano in a singles match from April. Casas kind of fell slowly backwards, almost like he was rolling back rather than falling, whilst at the same time actively pulling Soberano down by tugging the back of his mask. 100% looked like Soberano was hitting the mat hard and Casas wasn't.
  2. You can see a missile dropkick a guaranteed three or so times in any given modern joshi match. I would love if it no-one did it anymore!
  3. - Dragon Gate's Kness is still doing the rolling cradle. He's old and only works early undercard matches now, but it's there. - AJPW's Joe Doering has finished a few matches recently with the flying body press - he's a huge dude, so it looks like an avalanche coming down on the opponent, it's great. - Ultimo Dragon is still finishing all his matches with La Magistral. I've seen a fair few joshi wrestlers do it, but not as a regular thing - Kaho Kobayashi started doing a variation after a trip to Mexico but I don't know if she still uses it (it wasn't a great variation, to be honest). - Again Dragon Gate - Big R Shimizu does the flying shoulderblock. - A bunch of guys do the argentine backbreaker, it seems to be a pretty typical "big+strong guy" move in Japan. BJW's Daisuke Sekimoto and Yuji Okabayashi, WRESTLE-1's Koji Doi & Kumagoro, I'm sure I've seen AJPW's Zeus & The Bodyguard do it a lot as well. Thinking about it, I can't remember seeing it from guys who aren't in dedicated tag teams... - I don't watch NJPW, but Hiroshi Tanahashi was still doing the Cloverleaf when I last did. Io Shirai does it as well in tribute to him. WRESTLE-1's Shotaro Ashino (great wrestler, by the way) does the Karelin Lift. Dragon Gate's Ben-K, too.
  4. May be misremembering this, but I think Stardom's English social media guy has said that most of the subscriptions are from westerners. Would make sense, since that's who the service is aimed at to begin with. WAVE is probably weighted much more more towards Japan; they do money-off deals on tickets for subscribers. Also there's no English support and for a good chunk of time a while back the site wasn't even accessible outside of Japan (don't think they ever gave any explanation for it, either...)
  5. Dreamboat

    Current Joshi Talk

    They also barely post any of their shows. BJW has awful turnaround time but will get most things up eventually; WAVE will give you one show every month or so, and if you're lucky it'll be a full one.
  6. Dreamboat

    Current Joshi Talk

    If there's one thing that site needed, it sure is less content
  7. Dreamboat

    Current Joshi Talk

    Hamada was arrested on drugs charges; her WAVE contract has been terminated: https://twitter.com/furusawa_m/status/996360574026973185
  8. Dreamboat

    Current Joshi Talk

    Cover for her coming at Yuu Yamagata with a knife. Bet it
  9. Dreamboat

    Great Punchers Of The 2000s

    Daisuke Sasaki. Must get it from Togo...
  10. I'd say Aja Kong. Not sure how far back you'd want to go, but vs Satomura in 2016 is the later end I'd go for.
  11. Dreamboat

    ARSION (The Best Of)

    I've been trying to make my way through these shows myself when I've had the time - about halfway through 1999 now, and it's been really enjoyable so far. Even not taking into account the in-ring style the promotion has a really vibrant identity and aesthetic (that's pure 1990s to its core), it's a very unique watch. Yoshida is the obvious standout but I've been getting a lot of mileage out of FutaGAMI. Her as this surly, bullet-headed little punk is a great time, particularly against Yoshida where she's always out to prove something and knock the top girl off her spot. Works well with Omukai too. Both of them have their flaws but they generally just get straight to the business of kicking the hell out of each other and that does me fine. On the negative side, no-one's fallen further and faster in my estimation than Candy Okutsu. Puts on a great performance in the first match of the debut show which set her up for high expectations, and she definitely has the ability to meet them, but she rarely seems to want to. Over time she's become more and more obnoxious and I'm starting to dread seeing her. I got my hands on a couple of 1998 shows after the fact, one of which was Hamada's debut, so I went back and watched that over the weekend. The long promo package they played before her match was kind of unsettling in a way; seeing Kong and Ogawa present at her high school graduation (I assume that's what it was?) and things like that really enforced how much of a project she was for the promotion, which I found a vaguely uncomfortable way to view a 17-year old girl. Obviously wrestling is what she wanted to do, but man, something about how it's all presented...it doesn't help that she has a resting miserable face during all the pressers, etc.
  12. It's not great. Lacklustre archival content, and slow turnaround on current shows - I've never matched up the dates to check, but I think certain shows might not appear on the service at all until they've aired elsewhere (on Samurai or on BJW's own Nico channel). Not ideal for something you're paying for.
  13. Dreamboat

    [2018-04-06-WAVE] Mika Iida vs Konami

    I went into this match with fairly high hopes, but whilst there was flashes of things that I liked, overall I came away somewhat disappointed - which is pretty much a summation of how I've felt about all the Mika Iida I've seen, honestly. I liked the focus on quickly-paced grappling they went for here, though neither woman quite has that fluidity and quickness of motion that can make that style really stand out. The strike exchanges I could have done without; I didn't get the sense that there was any real power behind them, which is disappointing given that Konami is a Kana trainee, though she did throw the best strike of the match with that headkick late on. Also, why is she dressed like Syuri? What a betrayal! Overall, this was okay but it could have been a lot more. There are worse ways to spend From what I understand, Iida has separated her shoulder since this and so might not actually be able to wrestle her own retirement match, which absolutely sucks and would be the most Mika Iida ending to her career. Hopefully she recovers in time.