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[2018-04-29-NJPW] Minoru Suzuki vs Tetsuya Naito


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Well, this was a complete waste of time.


If you thought Okada being locked 40 minutes in a leglock and still winning after doind his usual offense was bad, you'll hate this even more, as Naito's comebacks were even less earned and his overall performance was lazy and downright bad.


If you thought that match against Okada was good, you'll also dislike this because Naito fucked every single hope spot up. It was boring, sloppy, he appears to break MiSu's nose with a slap and almost every single spot he does is too slow, too soft or misses completely.



Just shit.

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I thought the first part of this was good as the disdain was evident from the very beginning. I also thought Naito's leg selling was good for the most part even if the leg submissions went a tad long (and we took our time getting there to begin with). That being said, the comeback spots were definitely blown. The usual hot finishing stretches were negated with sloppy transitions and labored offense from Naito. The neck breaker was awful and the brainbuster transition was laughable. Suzuki on the other hand tried his damndest and the slap exchanges were definitely the highlight of the finishing stretch.


Overall, I didn't think this was bad at all until the last 10 minutes or so. Really hope this was just an off night for Naito and not indicative of an injury or that he's done as a top-level performer.

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