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[1987-03-07-NJPW] Akira Maeda & Nobuhiko Takada vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Osamu Kido


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I love a good 80's handheld match. Tons of heat between Takada/Maeda and Fujiwara, but especially between hot-head Takada and old iron-head  Fujiwara. Kido is the low man on the totem pole and things slow down whenever he's in the ring but, for the most part, he manages to fit in with these guys and does some neat stuff on the mat. At one point, he's got Takada in a leglock and when Takada struggles, Kido kicks his opposite foot to put the pressure back on Takada. Later on, he's able to catch a back kick from Takada and take him down into the single leg crab. But man, once Fujiwara gets in there vs. Takada, the match sizzles. Takada starts cracking Fujiwara's legs with kicks, Fujiwara gets pissed and smacks him down. Against Maeda, Fujiwara immediately takes it to him with body blows before Maeda and Takada work him over with stiff kicks. He's able to slip out of Takada's suplex attempt and take him down with the Fujiwara armbar but he can't get the submission. Maeda German suplexes him and goes into a crossface chickenwing but Fujiwara whips him off and re-applies the hold himself. The finishing stretch between he and Takada is just as nasty as when they started and I loved the actual finish, with Fujiwara catching a kick, stomping out the opposite leg, and then submitting him with the leglock.

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UWF crew going at it in New Japan. These guys could do no wrong and they don‘t disappoint. Fujiwara is the star here, bringing his trademark great matwork, counters and taking it to the UWF main eventers. Fujiwara doesn‘t care you‘re a megastar, he will punch you in the kidney and slap you like a bitch. Kido is subdued but it‘s cool to see him go toe to toe with Maeda. Lots of choice exchanges and a great finish.


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