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[1989-07-13-NJPW] Super Strong Machine & George Takano vs Riki Choshu & Takyuki Iizuka

Superstar Sleeze

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IWGP Tag Team Champions Super Strong Machine & George Takano vs. Riki Choshu & Takyuki Iizuka - NJPW 7/13/89

Iizuka is a wrestler who always looks different every time I see him. The upstart Tag Team Champions defend against Riki Choshu but this time Choshu's partner is rookie Iizuka.

Choshu is in the LeBron/Cristiano Ronaldo having to carry a nobody to a championship. Strategy early is simple keep Iizuka out of the ring unless Choshu earned an advantage. He wins the advantage against Takano and tags out to Iizuka. Takano tags out to SSM forcing Iizuka to tag out. Choshu gets SSM down on Mat and tags out. Before you know it SSM takes down Iizuka with a Suplex and Iizuka is in trouble. Iizuka shows some fire in a slap fest with Takano. Iizuka is able to take SSM down long enough to Tag Choshu who immediately goes for a cover. Trying to get the hell out of Dodge. SSM holds Choshu for Takano to hit his patented top rope spinning heel kick. Choshu is forced to Tag out. You know what the kid acquits himself pretty well. He comes out hot but eventually the champs overwhelm him. He tries slapping SSM but SSM just suplexes him. Takano stomps a mud hole in Iizuka. Iizuka gets a headbutt in the abdomen. Tag out to Choshu knee lift to abs. Takano spinning heel kick gets separation for a Tag out. I like all the quick tags it is refreshing from drawn out heat segments. Iizuka missile dropkick saves Choshu from Scorpion. The kid is earning his keep. Some really good leg bars from Iizuka. He is more useful than JR Smith, yeah I am still sour. SSM turns into his own leg bar that is real deep. I dig it. SSM Bridging German Suplex for two! Takano is Roaring. Wicked Brunzell-like dropkick. Choshu saves the pin. Top rope splash by Takano! Nonstop action. Choshu is saving all the time. Takano dropkicks SSM! Miscommunication in Japan! Choshu is a House On Fire! Small packages abound. Scorpion Deathlock Choshu tells Iizuka to block but Iizuka sucks and Takano dropkicks Choshu. The champs double teams Choshu! Iizuka saves! SSM Diving Headbutt for two as Iizuka saves. Takano/SSM are going to do the Hart Foundation Double Team Irish Whip. Iizuka TACKLES SSM out of nowhere. CHOSHU LARIAOTOOOOOOO! 1-2-No! Huge pop crowd loved it so did I! Choshu hits another Lariat to win as Iizuka held  SSM at bay. New tag champs.

Excellent story of Iizuka being a plucky rookie. He makes saves but also makes mistakes. Choshu was a badass muthafucka but eventually the numbers got to him and his rookie bailed him out long enough to hit two Choshu-sized Lariats to win. They combined this with nonstop action. Super Strong Machine & George Takano what a Tag Team! ****

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A little all over the place but it had its moments, mostly revolving around fiery babyface Iizuka smacking George and SSM in the face a bunch and then getting thrown around. That opening lock up and arm drag by Takano was slick, and in general, Takano was a lot of fun, albeit a bit sloppy but still, him stomping the shit out of Iizuka was great. We get some suplexes down the stretch and a hot Choshu tag to finish it out. He blasts Takano with that first sick lariat but eventually hits a second to pick up the victory.

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