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[2018-07-07-NJPW-G1 Special in the USA] Young Bucks vs EVIL & SANADA


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Not quite as good as their Dominion match, but this was still great. The Bucks are incapable of having anything less than a great match at this point and EVIL & SANADA continue to be great as well. Bucks NJPW matches have been more storytelling, but this was more of a sprint. The ref bump was completely unnecessary and added nothing to the match and took away a little bit for me, but didn't damage it enough to completely take away from the match. ****

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LIJ and the Bucks proved once again that they have the chemistry to put on a classic that I thought was better than their Dominion match. Much faster paced with less filler, both teams excelled in putting on a very athletic match that saw SANADA and EVIL show that they are on the Bucks level. SANADA in particular was the MVP of the match with his great spots and agility. I do question why EVIL had to be the one to eat the pin since he is probably taking on Jericho. Bucks retain the belts though proving their win wasn't a fluke whatsoever, ****1/2.

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A worthy sequel to their very good match at Dominion. It helps that the Bucks have toned down their more annoying tendencies by focusing on long-term selling and escalating their more creative offense. EVIL and SANADA have also gotten really good at mastering the art of the finishing stretch as a team. My only complaint was that the Bucks still appeared to be too overpowered. They survived a Magic Killer AND a Meltzer Driver to a chair only to put LIJ away with just one Meltzer Driver of their own.

Other than that, a very good tag match between two teams with good chemistry. ****

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  • GSR changed the title to [2018-07-07-NJPW-G1 Special in the USA] Young Bucks vs EVIL & SANADA

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