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  1. Omega & Goto always work well together and this was no different. The weakest of their trilogy with my investment not as high as their other two. Never expected Goto to win, but they did a good job at making you believe that he might. Excellent match to cap off a very good day. ****1/4
  2. Now this was my jam. This matchup has yet to give anything less than a great match. It was hard hitting, played off their previous matches well, and had a super hot crowd to boot. Both guys worked to their strengths with Ishii' striking and Naito's ability to piss Ishii off only adding to the match. Great, great match with it being one of the best of the tournament in the end. ****1/2
  3. This was a very good, back and forth match with Juice dropping another match. Ibushi pulled out some of the big guns to put Juice away, but Juice keeping fight back. A very even match. Wish this went a little longer, then it would have hit the great range for me, but this was a nice teaser to hopefully a second math between the two. ***3/4
  4. MoeTWrestling

    [2018-07-19-NJPW-G1 Climax 28] Toru Yano vs Zack Sabre Jr

    I'm loving this serious Yano. He's always been able to deliver, but he chooses not to and we're seeing what he can actually do when he wants to. This match is mostly him trying to survive Sabre's submission. The 2nd countout tease spot with Sabre tangling Yano in the barricade and barely making it before the 20 got me big time and thought it was over. Hope Yano tries to adapt to whoever his opponent is because it's a blast to watch right now. ***1/2
  5. An awesome match. Who knew if you put three talented men in a match and give them time that they were gonna have a great match? Better than anything on Extreme Rules with non stop action. Everyone got a chance to shine and look great with a hot crowd adding to it. Triple Threats are my one of my favorite match types. ****
  6. Page is proving that he is more than deserving of his spot with an absolute banger of a match with Elgin. Took some time for the crowd to get into it, but once they did, then the match took off. It was a great back and forth match with some great near falls toward the end. Gonna be an under the radar G1 match. ****
  7. An absolute slugfest of a match. Enjoyed this one a little bit more than their Anniversary match. Kinda similar to Suzuki's Tanahashi match on Day 1 with Suzuki dominating most of the match only to be on the losing end. The last 5 minutes were great with them trading strikes and Makabe has been really great so far, a lot better than past years. Super fun match ***3/4
  8. This was heading towards a great match and while I understand they layout for Jay's character doesn't mean I enjoy it. It became too much in the end for me. Outside of one match, Jay has yet to really show that he has that extra gear to make a match great, and when he figures that out, he will be great, but for now he'ss just good-really good. Not on the level of most Tanahashi main events but he was still really good as well and a perfect foil for Jay. Better than their WK match. ***3/4
  9. The past 2 years, these two have put on my MOTY. While this isn’t gonna be my MOTY, this was still damn good. This is the kind of stuff we expect from high end G1 matches in the modern era. You had great callbacks, great sequences, pretty much the best off from their past matches. If this went a little bit longer, I would’ve went 5, but 4.75 ain’t bad either. ****3/4
  10. Never have I seen two completely opposite styles mesh so well together. The best part about this match is Sabre going after kicks to prove a point that he can beat his opponents at their strength and Ibushi showing him how it's done. A battle of which style would be the better of the two with Ibushi coming out on top. Will re-watch this later, because I missed the middle of the match, but it was great from that point to the finish. ****1/4
  11. I know I'm overrating this match, but I loved this with all the counters and reversals with a great closing and some great near falls. Love these 13 minute type sprint matches that make the G1 great. ****
  12. I expected this match to go long and it was more of condensed version of their past matches. Probably my favorite one considering it only went 14 or so minutes. Played off their January match well with Suzuki destroying Tanahashi's leg. Tana's comeback was great with him still selling the leg and fighting to overcome. Loved how Suzuki was the one on top for most of the match, but a beautiful full circle with Tanahashi destroying Suzuki's leg with a nasty dragon screw. Great stuff. RIP both their legs. ****1/4
  13. A great, hard hitting match. Love when two big lads run into each other and scream. Really picked up in the closing minutes with the final stretch being fantastic. Nothing fancy, the match I'd hoped they'd have with a nice little story with EVIL working on Elgin's arm as well. ****
  14. Not quite as good as their Dominion match, but this was still great. The Bucks are incapable of having anything less than a great match at this point and EVIL & SANADA continue to be great as well. Bucks NJPW matches have been more storytelling, but this was more of a sprint. The ref bump was completely unnecessary and added nothing to the match and took away a little bit for me, but didn't damage it enough to completely take away from the match. ****
  15. If you've see one of them, you've seen them all and it will never not be awesome. They delivered their usual crazy, dangerous style of match that they are known for. Will never not get tired of this matchup and almost a guaranteed ****1/2. D Lee hit a Phoenix Plex and the way Hiromu slide across on his neck was so cringe worthy and hope he didn't get too hurt by it. ****1/2