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[1978-12-10-MACW-Greensboro, NC] Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat

paul sosnowski

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NWA United States Champion Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat- MACW 12/10/78

This is the first time I am checking out any of the Cornette Garbage Tape footage. My God, Ric Flair is good. After watching two Harley Race matches, holy shit is Flair good. Flair is much more entertaining. The jaw jacking, bravado, the urgency, the excitement. Another thing is that a lot of Race's strikes look light as feathers. We dont say it enough Flair hits fucking hard. He is a stiff dude. Everything looks so snug and tight. The crowd is in frenzy for all ten minutes we get. Steamboat sells like a million bucks, but HOLY SHIT THAT COMEBACK! Steamboat was built more like Snuka at this point like a body builder. Seeing all those muscles flex at once. He looked so badass. Chop galore! Flair is bumping and hollering. Torture Rack by Steamboat I love it. The Dragon has the champion reeling, but Flair hits an uppercut to the throat to force the DQ. Steamboat tackles Flair after the match as Flair scurries away with the belt. Not enough footage to rate, but this is tremendous fun. Stuff like this makes me think the Greatest Match Ever was watched by a couple thousand people in North Carolina at a random house show. 

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