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[1978-10-23-MACW-Greenville, SC] Ric Flair vs Blackjack Mulligan (Texas Death)

paul sosnowski

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NWA United States Champion Ric Flair vs Blackjack Mulligan - MACW 10/23/78 Texas Death Match

I dont know how long the actual match is, but we got is fucking fun as hell! Flair is the heel and Blackjack is the asskicking giant babyface. Blackjack is wicked over. Listen to the pop he gets when he nails Flair with a punch and signals for the Claw. The Claw puts Flair down for the first fall we get to see. Flair was classic here. I really wish we had Flair from '77-'81 in full. If he wasn't the GOAT before, he would be after we saw all that. He is bumping like a madman. I love how he lunges at one point to strike Blackjack in the throat. The second fall is economical. Blackjack misses the top rope kneedrop (a high risk move that would have ended the match, but now puts him at a disadvantage), the ref gets bumped and Flair pulls out a foreign object. I like how he tosses it in the air and catches. It lets everyone all the way to the cheap seats know he has something. He wails away on Blackjack with it. I like how he gets fall punching Blackjack with it, but since Mulligan's shoulders on down the ref counts anways. Steamboat comes out and chops Flair so hard the object comes flying out of his hand. Blackjack gains control of it and busts Flair wide open. Flair taps a fucking gusher in this. PILEDRIVER! You can count to 100, Gorilla! That's all she wrote. I dont think I can give it a fair rating, but everyone should watch this. It is fun, old school babyface vs heel wrestling. 

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