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[1986-09-13-NWA-Pro] Arn Anderson vs Dusty Rhodes

paul sosnowski

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NWA World TV Champion Arn Anderson vs Dusty Rhodes - NWA Pro 9/13/86

Arn's TV Championship has taken a backseat since "The Rock" Ole Anderson has returned. Dusty lifting the belt off him makes sense as it gives Dusty a little heat back as he goes into another singles feud with Tully Blanchard. Arn is pretty much in full-time tag team with Ole feuding with RNRs so it makes sense in that way too. Stream of consciousness because it is just so much more efficient, baby:

Arn and Dusty feuded at the beginning of the year and they had good chemistry. Big shouldertackle to start it off. Arn sells it so damn well. Arn comes in and Dusty bows up and Arn backpedals. I love Arn. Arn thrusts the shoulder in the ropes. Sunset flip nothing doing. Big punch and Arn powders. Great sell by him as the crowd gets on his case. Dusty Chants Ring Out! Single leg back heel trip by Dusty and it looks Dusty maybe going for an eye for an eye, a leg for a leg if you will! Arn sells the leg, hobbling on the outside. Arn grabs wrist control. Classic Anderson wrestling. Takes him down by the tights, arm bar. Dusty gets a vertical base, no struggle. Arn yanks him back down by the tights. We are going to a commercial break. When we come back, Double A has moved to working the leg. Dusty is really hollering, upping the selling. Surprisingly, Dusty goes to the eye to escape the toehold. Dusty is limping and Arn kicks out the leg. Spinning Toehold! Classic hold, love it. Solid heat segment. Dusty looks desperate chopping Arn's leg. Bionic Elbow and Figure-4! As he is going for the Figure-4, Dusty's knee gives out! Awesome spot! Arn back to the leg lace. Bionic Elbow in the leg lace, but not enough on it. Spinning Toehold but kicked off. Bionic Elbow. Dusty hurls him out and Arn is on the floor. Dusty slams him into the railing. The Dream needed something desperation. Kneedrop on the floor seems pretty dumb given his injury. Arn back to the leg in the ring. Arn comes off the middle rope and Dusty meets him with a clothesline...1...2...NO! Ref bump. Arn uses the time to get a chair. Misses the home run shot on the leg. DDT ON THE CHAIR! 1-2-3! Awesome finish!

Arn carried this. Awesome selling during the shine, really entertained. The armbar stuff was not great. The leg work was top notch, plenty of great selling and hope spots. I thought the finish was awesome. Great way to fight fire with fire. ***1/4

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