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[1982-03-04-AWA-Winnipeg, MB] Bobby Heenan vs Buck Zumhofe (Weasel Suit)

paul sosnowski

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They psychology felt a little off in the early goings of this for me.  Heenan has 10 minutes to pin Zumhofe or he has to wear the weasel suit. Opening moments show Zumhofe running away, making goofy facials and being a dick to where I was becoming sympathetic towards Heenan.  Heenan takes over with a rake to the eyes and the match picks up tremendously. Heenan has a great arsenal of offense and kept things moving along.  Buck for his part took some great bumps including a nasty one into the ropes.  Heenan overall displayed a lot of great ring awareness with how he got over the stipulation and his desperation to win.  There is a moment in the early going where Heenan is frustrated and rolls to the outside but you see he can't regroup and waste time like he normally would or tell his charges and he has to roll right back in.  The time ticks down and Heenan is unsuccessful in pinning Zumhofe.  Crowd starts chanting weasel and Buck gets in on it over the house mic.  Heenan pitches a great fit before putting on the suit.  I understand the novelty of something like Heenan vs Hayes from 1980, but I thought this was a much stronger Heenan performance and overall a great bullshit match.  This is one of the matches that breaks my spreadsheet as I will rank it favorably but it wont be in my top 100 matches of the year. However, it is certainly one of the most fun and memorable matches of the year.  I liken it to something like the WM7 Blindfold match.  ***1/2 

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