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[1985-12-21-CWA-Mid-South Coliseum] Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee (Lawler's Wife's Hair vs Southern Title)


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This is Lawlers wifes hair vs. Dundees Southern Title. It's 80s territory wrestling baby! I love coming home late at night and discovering a previously unseen match in what is arguably the greatest matchup in US wrestling ever has been uploaded. And this is another fucking classic in the pantheon. And it's a great showcase for Bill Dundee as he is basically an unstoppable killing machine here as he beats the shit out of Lawler and Calhoun for +20 minutes. Dundee has about a dozen great punch variations and he makes Lawler his punching bag. Nearly the entire match is Dundee kicking ass and while it can be hard to make a 10 minute control section compelling it is no problem for a wrestling master like Bill Dundee. His demeanor along with Lance Russell commentary made you believe that this short australian psycho would damn well beat the shit out of every single person in that arena. He beats Lawler so bad Lawler can't even make a strap drop comeback. I can't remember that happening in any other match. Arena environment comes into play with Dundee using those chain bareers and steel posts in painful ways. It's Lawler/Dundee so you get some big Lawler bumps (including Lawler getting launched into the ringside announce table), a great hope spot, clever transition and the greatest damn punches you've ever seen. The finish worked as a perfect payoff too and considering these two would produce another super classic a week later there's nothing to grief over.

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