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[2018-09-23-NJPW-Destruction in Kobe] KUSHIDA vs BUSHI

Wahoos Leg

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Good action and a fine performance from both but the main reason is that this match resonated with me is that there was actual uncertainty over the outcome. Both competitors had been built as viable potential champions. Contrast that with the Hiroshima show... Ishii is cool and all, but no one actually buys that he's going to headline NJ's biggest event of the year. 

Some excellent false finishes, most notably KUSHIDA with the Hoverboard Lock, and then BUSHI with the backslide into the bridge after spraying the mist. Thought it was over both times.

KUSHIDA is so smooth and steady, you always know you're going to get a solid performance out of him. A friend of mine said he's basically the ace of the junior division, and I suppose that's true but he certainly isn't booked that way, especially lately as he has felt like an afterthought for most of the past calendar year since dropping the belt to Ospreay last October. 

Also marked what might be the best BUSHI performance I've seen. There was also an absence of the 5-10 minute stretch of durdling that is present in so many major NJPW singles matches.

Very good match that I actually felt was superior to Omega vs. Ishii.

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Easily my pick for MOTN. In a card full of average multi man tags, this was the standout match for me. Love how they kept it simple and didn't fair into overboard. KUSHIDA countering BUSHI's tope into the Fujiwara armbar and the other dive counter into the Kimura were great. That finish was awesome, too with BUSHI finally misting KUSHIDA leading to a false finish from a backslide and KUSHIDA using his instinct to finish BUSHI because he was blinded by the mist.

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