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    Mid South Wrestling

    These first two shows read so well. You do a tremendous job on the promos but especially on capturing PIper's voice.
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    American Wrestling Association

    A pizza party while wearing wrestling masks sounds difficult
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    Continental Championship Wrestling

    January 19, 1985 TV Gordon Solie welcomes everyone in for the debut episode of Continental Championship Wrestling, then introduces his new broadcast partner... Larry Hennig. The Ax comes out to a strong reaction and promises he's going to call it like it is! This week on the program... The tournament to crown Southeastern Tag Team Champions begins! Pork Chop Cash in action! We'll hear from the Tennessee Stud! A special look at Ron Garvin! Plus in our main event... Corporal Kirchner faces Tojo Yamamoto! MATCH #1: Southeastern Tag Title Tournament, First Round Bill Dundee & Don Kent vs. Pete Doherty & Terry Gibbs A big reaction for Superstar Bill Dundee! He teams up with his fellow Aussie and they overwhelm the team of Doherty and Gibbs. Dundee scores the win for his team, pinning Gibbs with a running crossbody at the 9-minute mark! Dundee and Kent move on to the semifinals where they'll face one of the two teams that received a bye... the Moondogs! CUT to a previously recorded interview with the Moondogs' manager, Number One Paul Jones. He guarantees victory and tag team gold for Moondogs Moretti and Rex! MATCH #2: Pork Chop Cash vs. Joe Savoldi Savoldi jumps Pork Chop before the bell and gains the upper hand, but it doesn't last long. Savoldi rams Pork Chop's head into the top turnbuckle... and it doesn't faze him! Uh oh! Pork Chop proceeds to begin battering Savoldi from pillar to post, before putting him down for good after a leaping headbutt at the 6 minute mark. After the commercial break, Gordon Solie introduces a video showing some highlights of Ron Garvin in action. Specifically, we see highlights of his KO punch victory over Diamond Timothy Flowers from Pacific Coast Wrestling to win the TV Title. MATCH #3: Plowboy Frazier vs. Mike Dupree The rookie Dupree has no answer for the big man, bouncing harmlessly off him when he attempts a shoulder block. A big splash later, and Plowboy has the win in less than a minute! Gordon Solie is joined ringside for a special interview with the Tennessee Stud. Ron Fuller comes out, wearing his mask and a business suit. He warns any rulebreaker who wants to come through this territory that they'll have to go through him! MAIN EVENT: Corporal Kirchner vs. Tojo Yamamoto TV time remaining in this main event, and the studio audience is FIRMLY behind Corporal Kirchner with “U-S-A” chants. This match is a straight brawl from the opening bell, both in and out of the ring. Tojo takes advantage by gouging the eyes of Kirchner, and the match spills to the floor yet again... where Kirchner runs Tojo shoulder-first into the ringpost. Back into the ring... Kirchner looking to finish things, and … wait a minute... who is this? Someone's up on the ring apron. That's... is that Mr. Fuji?!? He throws a handful of salt into the eyes of Kirchner! The referee calls for the bell as Fuji is in for a 2 on 1 assault. But Kirchner is fighting them BOTH off! Now a muscular man coming out of the crowd?!? Is that Taras Bulba?!? He's in the ring and jumps Kirchner who crumbles under the lopsided odds. Who is this man? Wait a minute... THE TENNESSEE STUD IS OUT HERE! But before he even can hit the ring, he gets BLASTED with a steel chair behind his back. OH MY GOD IT'S THE SHEIK! THE SHEIK IS HERE IN ALABAMA! Kirchner getting annihilated with a 3-on-1 attack as The Shiek pulls out a foreign object and begins carving up the head of the Tennessee Stud! Bulba has the Iron Claw hooked on Kirchner! He's trying to cave in his skull! The Sheik directing traffic now as Fuji helps roll his carcass into the ring. Fuji, Yamamoto, Bulba and The Sheik standing tall in the ring as boos RAIN DOWN. Sheik pulls a semi-conscious Tennessee Stud up to his knees, and the last shot of the broadcast is blood cascading down his face, his mask ripped open.
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    adding Don Carsen, Bill Cody and Gary Royal
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    also I am interested in trade talks for any wrestlers under 230 lbs
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    CONTINENTAL WRESTLING TITLES Southeastern Hvwt Title-VACANT Southeastern Tag Titles-VACANT Southeastern U.S. Junior Heavyweight Title-VACANT
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    I'lll take the Stomper
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    New Writers Wanted

    cool. looking forward to sharing all my wacky ideas
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    New Writers Wanted

    so do I just post my roster here?
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    New Writers Wanted

    if you'll settle for decent, then count me in!
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    New Writers Wanted

    still got room for one more?
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    Io Shirai

    No information yet.
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    [2019-10-15-AEW-Dark] Kenny Omega vs Joey Janela (Streetfight)

    So, does anybody else remember that episode of Sunday Night Heat where the Hollys wrestled the Acolytes and they did a whole bunch of crazy shit on the B-show? That's what this reminded me of... in a good way. That said, why not put this match on Dynamite, unless you were concerned about all the spots and possible blood?
  14. I really enjoyed this and thought it was a showcase for Dustin Rhodes and how much he still has to contribute. He looked smooth and everything he did mattered. Guevara seems like a great foil for Rhodes and Page and clearly is going to be the Inner Circle guy who's there to take murderous bumps. I thought the finish with Hager's interference was a little wonky but loved the beatdown at the end, including the MJF tease and little moments like an already pummeled Dustin on his hands and knees trying to help his brother.
  15. Talk about it here. Also, click here to check out Tim Livingston's review of this match.
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    Current New Japan

    I would be all about seeing Brody King in the G1. Cobb too, for that matter.
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    Current New Japan

    Not on the same level, but I enjoyed the Okada/Romero vs Scurll/King tag as well
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    1987-02-21-JCP-NWA Pro

    Jim Crockett Promotions NWA Pro Aired February 21, 1987 No review yet. Jimmy Garvin vs George South Ivan Koloff & Dick Murdoch vs Randy Mulkey & Brody Chase Lex Luger vs Keith Patterson Tim Horner vs David Isley NWA U.S. Tag Titles: The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey) vs Ronnie Garvin & Barry Windham Bold matches are PWO recommended.
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    Nikita Koloff

    No information yet.
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    The Four Horsemen

    No information yet.
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    Johnny Weaver

    No information yet.
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    Jason Sullivan

    No information yet.
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    Kylan Roland

    No information yet.
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    Todd Royce

    No information yet.
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    Teck Tonik

    No information yet.