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    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    WorldWide, 3/2/86 Tony Schiavone introduces the returning Ray Stevens. The Crippler isn't in a suit, he's in jeans and a T-shirt and carrying a baseball bat and says he's here to fight! He won't rest until he gets his hands on the masked man who cost him his shot at Flair. Ray calls out the masked man to meet him here on the program, next week, or he'll keep coming back until it happens! El Santo Negro defeats Tiger Conway, Jr., in a fast-paced, action-packed opener with a rolling cradle. Ole Anderson defeats Doug Furnas, rolling up the rookie strongman and placing his feet on the ropes for extra leverage. The Rockers defeat The Royals, with Shawn Michaels hitting a no-look cross body off the middle rope on Nelson. In the Main Event, Hawk is in non-title action against Mick Foley and wins in less than 2 minutes with a flying clothesline off the top rope.
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    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    MACW TV, 3/1/86 TONIGHT ON THE PROGRAM... The semifinals of the MACW Heavyweight Title Contender tournament. Ric Flair against Justice! Randy Savage faces Kokina! Plus... Tom Prichard defends the TV Title, the Paisans in action, we'll hear from the Sawyer Brothers, and much more! MATCH #1 Kerry Brown vs. Sean Royal Non-title action and the U.S. Champion wins quickly, plowing through Royal like a wrecking ball and finishing him with a running elbow drop. After the match, Brown joins Bob Caudle and David Crockett. There's going to be a battle royal at Title Night and Brown will defend the U.S. Title against the winner. Brown says he doesn't care who wins the battle royal, he's walking out of Title Night still champ! COMMERCIALS Bob and David are joined by Justice, who is a man of few words and cuts a very awkward promo about what it would mean to beat Ric Flair tonight. MATCH #2 The Paisans vs. Warlord & Terry Brunk The former U.S. champs look sharp here, finishing Brunk with their spinning double spinebuster. After the match, both the Stallion and Parisi are making the "I want the belt" motion and calling out the Andersons. COMMERCIALS Back from the break and there's a bit of confusion as Miss Elizabeth is with Bob Caudle at the broadcast position. Bob is in the midst of explaining it isn't their time, and they'll hear from her and Randy Savage later, as Ric Flair comes out in an impeccable three-piece suit. Flair informs everyone this is his time, and he's going to explain exactly why he's the only choice to win this tournament, even though as the former champion he should get an automatic title shot. Elizabeth tries to leave and Flair grabs her arm. Where's she going? Don't leave. Why go and settle for a Macho Man when she could have a real man... a real champion? Before Elizabeth can answer Randy Savage comes sprinting into the studio and CLOBBERS Flair. A wild brawl between the two men, but it lasts only about 30 seconds before the Andersons and J.J. Dillon appear! Savage wilts under the assault. Elizabeth is screaming for help as the Horsemen waylay Savage. Flair peels a bloody Macho Man up off the studio floor and says "I'M THE MAN" before a measured punch leaves Savage laying. Caudle calls for a quick commercial break to get Savage medical attention! MATCH #3 TV Title Match Tom Prichard (w/ Cousin Mark Calloway) defends vs. Denny Brown Denny went to Jim Crockett and demanded a rematch, saying Prichard had to cheat to beat him last week on WorldWide. Denny is constantly looking around for Calloway and it makes for a tough time against Prichard. After one of these looks outside the ring, Prichard jumps on him and takes control. After a few minutes of action slanted in the favor of the champion, Prichard finishes with a thrust kick to the jaw. Back to the podium and Mad Dog Vachon is out. David Crockett says that, after Don Kernodle left after Starrcade, Vachon has one last chance against the tag champs the Rougeaus and it happens at Title Night. Vachon's partner? He talks about the Rougeaus and how they spent months embarrassing him and now it's HIS turn to embarrass them. And he's picked the perfect man to help him... the studio audience erupts as LEX LUGER comes out, joins Vachon, and shakes hands with the Mad Dog. COMMERCIALS Just a reminder that Hawk, the Mid-Atlantic Champion, will be in action tomorrow on WorldWide! MATCH #4 MACW Title Contender Tournament, Semifinal Justice vs. Ric Flair The studio audience is ALL OVER Flair after what happened with Savage and Elizabeth earlier. Justice comes at Flair with his size and power but he's no match for Flair, who slows down the big man with a poke to the eye then starts to go to work on the left knee. Justice keeps fighting back, though. Flair firing off some chops and the big man is unfazed! Now Flair looks afraid. Justice with a couple of big running clotheslines! Now hoisting Flair for a press slam... his leg slightly buckles! Flair drops down and delivers a chop block, following up swiftly with the figure four! Justice submits! COMMERCIALS Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight:" starts to play and we zoom in on a Waffle House somewhere in the Carolinas. Jerry Bryant is sitting at the counter, picking at what is left of a waffle and eggs. A waitress comes by and refills his coffee. The music keeps playing and we see Bryant eating in silence for a couple of minutes. Finally he pushes the plate away, puts some money on the counter and leaves, muttering "Time to go to work..." Spartanburg Vice... Coming Soon In the studio, Brett and Buzz Sawyer have joined Caudle and Crockett. Buzz is unhinged, pacing back and forth, a sadistic smile on his face. Brett asks how Murdoch liked what happened last week, and hopes he is getting great TV reception in his hospital room. He says that all long people thought Murdoch was the one teaching him, but Brett has shown HE was really the strategic master of the team! Now, all of MACW better take notice, because the Sawyer boys are together! MATCH #5 MACW Title Contender Tournament, Semfinal Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth) vs. Kokina (w/ Sonny King) Kokina is pacing back and forth on the ring as Savage's music plays. There's no way Savage can compete after what happened tonight, can he? After his music played for several minutes, Savage comes staggering out, without his robe and sunglasses and a huge bandage on his head. Elizabeth is trying to keep Savage away from the ring. The Macho Man gently shoulders past her into the ring... and promptly gets decleated by a karate kick to the jaw. Kokina delivers on a leaping elbow. And anothrr! He goes for the jumping legdrop... Savage moves! He scales to the top rope and launches with a double axehandle. Kokina staggers! Savage to the top again... another double axehandle... Kokina catches Savage in midair and drives him back into the turnbuckles. A measured avalanche! Savage's carcass drops, and Kokina scales to the middle rope and leaps back, smashing his sizable back end down onto Macho's chest. The 3 count is academic!
  3. Wahoos Leg

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    WorldWide, 2/23/86 Tony Schiavone and David Crockett are on the call, but announce that Ray Stevens' recuperation is going well and he will be back on the show next week! MATCH #1 Big Daddy Ritter, Kazaharu & Great Kabuki defeat Phil LaFleur, Chris Benoit & Chris Champion. The fan favorite trio brings a ton of fight and there's some great action especially when some combination of LaFleur, Benoit, Kazaharu, and Kabuki are in. The rulebreakers isolate Champion and brutalize him, with Ritter showing off power moves and his henchmen unleashing martial-arts savagery until Champion's chest is beet-red from chops. Ritter finally finishes things with his powerslam. After the match, Jimmy Valiant storms into the arena, and he's got a dog collar chain! The rulebreakers run for the hills and Valiant stands tall in the ring, whipping the chain around his head and screaming for Ritter to face him. MATCH #2 Mr. Wrestling II defeats Terry Brunk with his patented knee lift! MATCH #3 Tiger Conway, Jr., defeats Mike Jackson, reversing a flying cross body into a pin and grabbing a handful of trunks. MAIN EVENT Television Title Match Tom Prichard defeats Denny Brown to retain the title while Prichard's cousin Mark lurks at ringside. Brown gave Prichard a major fight despite his winless record, but when Prichard sent the challenger spilling to the floor, he distracted the referee allowing his cousin to run Brown into the ring steps, then back into the ring where he was quickly finished.
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    I've attempted a count two or three times, and I'm coming up with 54, not 55, active wrestlers every time. With that said, a few moves DROP Ranger Ross getting me to 53 ADD all of these: Ron Ritchie, Mark Starr, Lou Winston, Johnny Ace, Chick Donovan, Curtis Thompson, The Sheik
  5. Wahoos Leg

    [1976-03-01-WWWF-MSG, NY] Bruno Sammartino vs Ernie Ladd

    Ladd's schtick is pretty fun here, from his sleight of hand with the gimmick for his thumb, to his facial expressions, to his continued cheating but usually doing so out of the ref's point of view so as to not bury the referee. A lot of punchy-kicky-stompy from Bruno, but his punches looked good. This seems worth watching to me for historical value and I think young wrestlers could learn something from studying Ladd's performance in particular. Here's my link to the full review and write-up, as part of my 365 Wrestling project.
  6. Kojima is on excursion, has his face painted and long pants in what I took as an homage to the Great Muta, and is billed as "Suzuki Kanemoto." McDonald is doing his Ultimate Chippendale schtick. The match itself is rather basic, but I enjoyed a look at Kojima in an early stage of his career and trying out a gimmick that I never even knew existed for him. Here's a link to my full review, as part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  7. Wahoos Leg

    [2003-02-26-TNA-PPV] AJ Styles vs Sandman

    This looked like a potential trainwreck to me on paper but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually was fine with the length of the match, as it doesn’t overstay its welcome. The matchup is unique and they played off their contrasting styles (no pun intended) well. The handful of high spots are memorable, especially the second-rope Styles Clash. There’s plenty to like here in spite of the bad booking at the end. Check out my full review of this match, part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  8. Wahoos Leg

    [2005-02-25-CMLL] Mistico vs Ultimo Guerrero

    This is a great wrestling match that I highly recommend, and also stands as proof that a match doesn’t have to be a 30-, 40-, or 60-minute epic to shine. The high spots are tremendous. You can see from watching this why Mistico became such a big star. Not only is this a great match on its own, but I also think it’s a good choice for wrestling fans who are unfamiliar with lucha libre but would like to learn more about this style. Here's a link to my full review, as part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  9. Wahoos Leg

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    MACW TV, 2/22/86 A video package airs of the eight participants in the World Title Contender tournament that begins tonight: Lex Luger, Dick Murdoch, Italian Stallion, Ric Flair, Kokina, Randy Savage, Brett Sawyer, and Justice. The first round happens here, live on the program! We go to the studio and hosts Bob Caudle and David Crocklett. The tournament starts here on the program tonight, and the eventual winner will challenge Road Warrior Hawk for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title at Title Night on March 16 at The Omni in Atlanta! We're not going to waste any time, let's go right to the ring for the first of our four quarterfinals... MATCH #1 World Title Contender Tournament, First Round Lex Luger vs. Kokina It's a rematch from Starrcade! Kokina goes against the only man who has pinned him here in Mid-Atlantic. These two rivals don't waste any time and they start trading blows, with the smaller, quicker Luger getting the better of it. Kokina is rocked and on his heels! Luger charges into the ropes and blasts Kokina with a clothesline. He still won't go down! Luger runs off the ropes for another and Kokina drops him with a thrust kick! That caught the Total Package right in the throat! Kokina starts pounding on Luger, mauling at his eyes and face. The massive Samoan then starts irish whipping Luger hard from corner to corner, focusing on the back of Luger... wonder if that nagging injury from the fall really did heal all the way? Now Kokina locks in a bearhug! Luger's face is contorted in agony, and the referee is right there, checking to see if he's going to give it up. Luger claps the ears of Kokina! And again! And a third time! He breaks the hold! Kokina is woozy, and Luger picks him up AND HE SLAMS HIM! Luger slams the monster! Kokina rolls out to the floor after the impact and he is irate. Kokina goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair... but he pauses. Kokina looking to the entranceway as Sonny King makes his way out into the studio. What is this?!? Sonny King staring at Kokina making a "look at me" gesture. And Kokina drops the chair. Now Luger out to the floor, and he starts taking the fight to Kokina again! The referee is out asking what Sonny King is doing out here, and he misses Kokina delivering a blatant low kick! Kokina slams Luger on the floor, and follows up with a big splash! Kokina rollas back into the ring as the referee heads back to the squared circle. He begins a count on Luger, who's down and out after that attack. 8... 9... 10! Kokina wins by countout! Sonny King comes into the ring and raises Kokina's arm to a chorus of boos as we go to our first... COMMERCIAL Back from the break and Sonny King and Kokina are at the broadcast position. Sonny King informs the announcers that he has purchased Kokina's contract from Rip Rogers. He sees the fury and potential in Kokina and knows he just needs direction. "With Sonny King by his side, Kokina cannot be stopped!" King and Kokina clear out and now the Rougeaus come out to the broadcast position. All three are wearing suits. Jacques and Raymond are celebrating. Title Night is March 16, and that's one year since their first match here in ze territory! It has been ze greatest year in ze history of tag team wrestling. No! Ze history of wrestling! No! Ze history of all of ze sport! They are just sad because they have defeated every team there is and have no challengers left. David Crockett starts listing off the Rockers, the Paisans, the Andersons, the Blade Runners, and promptly gets shushed. Armand grabs the microphone and says that if anyone has the guts, come face them at Title Night. He barely gets the words out when Mad Dog Vachon heads out into the studio. Armand hides behind his brothers as Mad Dog steps out, making I-want-the-belt motions. Armand leans around his brother Jscques and spits on Vachon! The Rougeaus turn tail and flee as Mad Dog sprints after them, hungry for blood! COMMERCIAL Back from the break, and Brett Sawyer is at the podium wearing new ring attire with a new hooded jacket. The last time we saw Sawyer, he destroyed Murdoch with a chair in a No DQ match for the tag titles and left his partner and mentor in a bloody heap. Sawyer says he doesn't NEED a mentor, he's already a star. Murdoch was just holding him back, and Brett knew it all along! Mid-Atlantic President Jim Crockett says he knows there's nothing Murdoch would like better than to get his hands on Brett, but and that day will come, but for now he's not going to let this rivalry ruin the tournament. Therefore, if either Murdoch OR Sawyer interfere in any of the other's matches, they'll be suspended! Sawyer is throwing a fit at this... MATCH #2 World Title Contender Tournament, First Round Brett Sawyer vs. Justice Sawyer is still throwing a tantrum over the ruling as Justice hits the ring. The strongman is throwing his smaller opponent all over the ring and battering him from pillar to post. The crowd is loving it, even though the Blade Runners are far from fan favorites here. Bob Caudle notices that the other Blade Runner, Czar, is conspicuous by his absence from the ringside area. In the ring, Justice goes for a big body slam, Sawyer drops down behind him and delivers a chop block to the strongman's leg. Sawyer starts working over the leg of Justice, but Justice refuses to submit. Sawyer starts going for a half Boston crab when Murdoch's theme music starts playing. Sawyer looks up, immediately going for the entranceway. This gives Justice the entry he needs, as when Sawyer turns, Justice blasts him with a wicked clothesline! Justice pulls Sawyer up into a press slam, and drops him facefirst to the mat! He covers for the 1... 2... 3! Justice wins in a HUGE upset! The studio audience is delighted, while Sawyer is trying to figure out what hit him. COMMERCIAL We return from the ad break to Tom Prichard, the TV Champion at the broadcast position. Prichard has the week off here on this program but he'll be defending that TV Title tomorrow on WorldWide against Denny Brown. Prichard says first off he hopes Luger isn't too badly injured after being roughed up by that monster Kokina, and says he'll be sending all his thoughts and prayers to the Total Package. Prichard then wants to say a few words about his title win last week... he pulls out some index cards and starts giving what sounds like an acceptance speech. He thanks his trainers... the great state of Texas... his parents for producing such an example of genetic excellence... and speaking of family, Prichard also wants to thank someone who's been there for him since childhood, his cousin, another proud cousin.... with that the large man who rammed Luger into the ringpost last week comes stalking into the studio. Prichard says you might know him as Texas Red, but this man's true name is Mark Callaway. Cousin Mark, as Tom calls him. And they'll be watching each other's back from now on ! MATCH #3 World Title Contender Tournament, First Round Ric Flair vs. Italian Stallion Flair is escorted to the ring by Ole Anderson and the Stallion has his fellow Paisan, Tony Parisi, watching his back. These two get into a shoving match during the introductions, with Parisi still heated about losing the U.S. Tag Titles to the Andersons, and so referee Tommy Young sends both seconds to the back! The match starts and Flair is spending more time strutting and preening than wrestling. He isn;'t taking his opponent seriously at all. That changes when the Stallion counters a side headlock and rolls Flair onto his shoulders for a VERY close two count. Flair rolls to his feet and into a huge haymaker by the Stallion. And another! Flair back into the corner, Stallion follows him in and unloads with punches to the head and the body. An Irish whip sends Flair head over heels out to the apron, and down to the floor. The Stallion follows him out, and blasting Flair with open-handed strikes to the chest and back. Flair tries to create distance after each shot but the Stallion runs him down each time. Back into the ring, where the Stallion catches Flair with a HUGE back bodydrop. Flair begging off huge now! The Stallion moves in as Flair backs into the corner. Stallion opens up with punches again,. as the referee makes a five count. Finally, after numerous warnings about a closed fist, the official grabs Stallion's hand. Flair thumbs his opponent in the eye! Double leg takedown and Flair stacks the Stallion for a pin. He's got his feet on the ropes! Not like this! 1... 2... NOOO Stallion kicks free! Flair is up and in the referee's face. Flair shoves the referee, who shoves back. Flair goes down! The Stallion hits a huge leaping elbow and covers. 1! 2! 3--NOOO Flair barely with the shoulder up. The studio audience is besides themselves and could we have another upset? Stallion goes to follow up and gets blasted with a chop by Flair, who delivers a measured punch to the jaw. Flair now going up top... Stallion cuts him off. Flair shaking his head no! Stallion slams him HARD to the mat! Flair is down! The Stallion is feeling it! He's signaling to the crowd it's over! He goes to pull Flair up ... and gets yanked down into a small package. 1! 2! Flair with a handful of tights! 3! The Nature Boy steals one! COMMERCIAL MATCH #4 World Title Contender Tournament, First Round Dick Murdoch vs. Randy Savage Savage makes his entrance after the commercial, accompanied by Miss Elizabeth. Murdoch is out next, and has a smirk on his face. He's soaking in the cheers from the crowd as Brett Sawyer nails him from behind! What the hell?!? Sawyer, wearing his new hooded jacket, stomping the life out of Murdoch's bad knee! Sawyer has just ruined his career here in Mid-Atlantic. The beating becomes more intense and the hood falls back, to... MY GOD! THAT'S NOT BRETT SAWYER! THAT'S BUZZ SAWYER! THE MAD DOG IS HERE! THE MAD DOG IS HERE! Sawyer continues to destroy the knee of Murdoch until referees and other personnel come out and separate them. Savage, meanwhile, remains in the ring. Buzz Sawyer getting sent to the back as Murdoch's knee getting checked. He is in agony! He's unable to compete. Randy Savage is going to advance by forfeit. A hush falls over the studio audience as Murdoch is checked and loaded onto a stretcher. His knee is immobilized. As the doctors work on him, Savage heads over to check on Captain Redneck, which earns a polite round of applause from the crowd for the sportsmanship. Murdoch loaded onto the stretcher,... and now here comes Brett Sawyer sprinting into view! He turns the stretcher over! HUGE BOOS from the crowd, and Sawyer laughs maniacally as he is dragged away. Medical personnel tending to Murdoch once more as the show ends!
  10. Wahoos Leg

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    2/16/85, WorldWide The Italian Stallion defeats Mick Foley. El Santo Negro defeats Sean Royal with a flying cross body. In a U.S. Tag Title Match, the Minnesota Wrecking Crew retain over Mike Jackson & Chris Champion when Ole submits Champion to an armhold. Mad Dog Vachon defeats Czar. Justice tried to interfere but hit his partner by mistake.
  11. So much of the match feels like an afterthought due to all the shenanigans happening around it. The bulk of the commentary consists of incessant chatter about the angle between Ric Flair and David Flair the night before, at Superbrawl, and Tony Schiavone is going to moderate a sitdown between father and son. If that’s not bad enough, there’s a cut away from the match entirely as it’s happening to see Disco Inferno bribing someone in the production truck to hijack the feed for the end of the show. If the people airing the match don’t care enough to show it or even talk about it while it’s happening, why should the viewer? Bret's long, methodical control segment of the match also lost me. This is pretty skippable. Here's a link to my complete review, as part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  12. I actually liked the finish a great deal. After weathering pummeling and punishment from his massive opponent, Sting makes his last-ditch attempt to finish things with his Herculean lift-and-carry of the 450-pound Vader. When this falls short, Sting is drained and has nothing left. Vader drags Sting around the ring, touching three of the four corners, but Sting shows the requisite amount of fight to deny Vader the fourth corner. Ultimately, Sting's desperation kicks knock Vader sprawling backwards into the corner, ending the match. Sting loses, but if perception is reality, it's the champion who looks like the loser given his battered and bloody condition, especially this is Vader's touted specialty match and he fails spectacularly in his attempt to eliminate Sting for good. Here's a link to a full review of the match, the latest installment in my 365 Wrestling project.
  13. Wahoos Leg

    [2012-02-19-SMASH-Smash 25] Dave Finlay vs Tajiri

    This is completely not what I expected from these two, in a good way. We get lots of nasty-looking throwback mat work, with the strikes I expected from both serving as accents and spice. There's plenty of stakes and history involved, adding to the appeal. Both guys wrestle with a sense of urgency, and you believe that they are trying to win the title at all costs and as quickly as possible, not just trying to have a “classic” or highly-rated match. It’s atypical in the body of work of two guys who spent the bulk of their careers thriving as midcarders, but they carry the big-match feel and made me wish there were more one-on-one matches between them. Definitely seek out this one. Check out my full review of this match, my 50th installment in the 365 Wrestling project.
  14. Remember when the Monster’s Ball concept first debuted in TNA, and the participants supposedly were locked away for 24 hours prior to the match without light, food, and water? By now it's just another hardcore match with weapons and this is actually the 45th(!) Monster's Ball match. Poor Abyss can barely move by this point in his career but he takes the two biggest bumps. Creative visual at the end with Rosemary pouring a bag full of tacks on the head of Eddie Edwards, who is trapped in a chair. Nobody phones it in (again, Abyss does what he can) and a couple of unique moments made this worth a watch for me. Here's my link to the full write-up on this match, Day 47 in my 365 Wrestling project.
  15. This is a violent, satisfying culmination to the nine-month feud between Manning and Skyler. The pre-match video does a fine job summarizing their issues. I felt like I jumped right in and immediately had a good grasp of their rivalry despite no prior context. Both Manning and Skyler are among the best of an excellent crop of wrestlers in the Carolinas in the last 15 or so years. Manning is especially underrated. When I watch an I Quit match I expect violence and I got it, as both guys bleed like crazy and bring the pain to one another. The biggest negative is the commentary. These two have never worked together, don't work well together, and their commentary is so jarring it honestly distracts from what’s happening in and around the ring. I would have preferred a live feed with no commentary track. A good match that honestly would have ranked even more highly with me if the commentary had been better. Here's a link to my full review, part of the 365 Wrestling project.