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  1. I watched this today and had the same thought about sounding alike.
  2. This match was the final of a round-robin league to crown the very first IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. There's nothing new here, but it's a well-done match and a historic one. The opening minutes feature an all-time-great dropkick by Cobra. Check out my full review, as part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  3. This has a "before they were stars" feel and would be a great inclusion on a Shield DVD retrospective if people still watched DVDs. As it is, it's a nifty look at these three before they joined the Shield, and when Reigns -- known as Leakee here -- was still quite green. He's quite a bit leaner here and busts out a kip-up and a leapfrog. Most of this is standard WWE triple threat fare with a nice feat of strength by Reigns at the end on a double Samoan drop, but I enjoyed it for the historical value. Check out my full review, which is Day 36 in my 365 Wrestling project.
  4. Wahoos Leg

    [2018-02-03-HoG-Beware the Fury] Amazing Red vs Low Ki

    I respect the effort and I'm a fan of both guys but this match was not for me. The martial arts battle on the stage felt like an attempt to recapture or re-create the opening of their ROH match from 2002 and it just fell flat. Low Ki's control segment felt endless. Kudos to the ref laying there motionless after getting dropped in the early going and I liked the finishing stretch but overall this missed the mark for me. Check out my full review, as part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  5. Wahoos Leg

    [1992-02-01-AJW] Aja Kong vs Bull Nakano

    As you said, barely a match but what's here is a blast to watch and a fun, chaotic spectacle. Read my full review, as this was the 32nd entry in the 365 Wrestling Project.
  6. Piper is under the hood as the Masked Canadian and challenging Fujinami for his just-won WWWF Junior Heavyweight Title. The match goes about 30 minutes and we have roughly 10 minutes of footage here. It's interesting to see Piper working a more standard, technical style of wrestling, but that novelty and the rarity of the footage are really the only reasons to watch. Read my full review, as part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  7. Love this match. Cena is the draw and the fan favorite but Umaga is the star of the match. The structure is less a battle of two competitors and more man against monster, with Cena pulling out all the stops and all the equipment he can but Umaga keeps coming time and time again. Check out my full review, as part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  8. The tag titles are on the line here. CHIKARA is an acquired taste that some find too goofy, but this is a good tag match with some big spots, solid control segment by the Portal and the biggest move in the match ends it. It's one fall to a finish unlike the usual two out of three falls format for title matches, and this adds to the sense of urgency. Check out my full review, part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  9. This match is for Shelley's IWTV World Title. What ensues here is a modern twist on the old tale of a traveling champion coming into town to defend against the local favorite. The story centers around the left arm of Mack, which Shelley focuses on with ill intent for the vast majority of the match. Credit Mack for selling Shelley's arm attack like it rendered the limb useless. That also negates Mack from using his signature move, the Mack 10 -- a cross-armed version of the Pedigree and a well-established match-ender in ACTION and other affiliated promotions. Shelley does a masterful job as the visiting champion and Mack is in his element as the hometown hero finally getting his big match. The crowd is invested for every second. The work is smooth and compelling. The conclusion is sudden, satisfying... and also historic. With the win, Mack becomes the first openly gay male world champ in wrestling history. Check out my full review, as part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  10. I thought this was a master class in rudo wrestling from Satanico, from his great selling of everything Atlantis does, to the mask ripping, and committing fouls so quickly that he turns rulebreaking into an art. Lots to like in a very good match. You can read my full review, as part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  11. Yoshino makes his fifth defense of the Open the Dream Gate Title against Fujii, a former champion. I always get a kick out of how fast Yoshino runs the ropes, and this match is no exception. Fujii does his best to slow down the champion. We see some great false finishes near the end. This is definitely a good, solid singles match that is worth watching. I just think the Dragon Gate style translates better to tag matches. Read my full review, as part of the 365 Wrestling project.
  12. Wahoos Leg

    [2008-01-06-TNA-Final Resolution] Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong

    This rivalry between Kong and Kim helped establish the new Knockouts division, and this is the best match from their feud that I have seen. It’s a solid, satisfying match to watch. Check out my full review, as part of my 365 Wrestling project.
  13. Eaton gets his second shot at the Big Gold Belt in a span of about a month of TV. The last one ended by DQ when Jim Cornette interfered. This is a very good TV main event with significant stakes and sees two of the best from their era facing off in a rare one-on-one encounter. Both men come out of the match looking strong. My only major complaint is that, in spite of his skill, you never really buy Eaton as having a legitimate chance to become champion, given the midcard status of the Midnight Express at the time of this match. Watching this hits differently now that Bobby is gone. Here's my full review of the match, part of my 365 Wrestling project.
  14. This has all the athleticism and drama you see in a 2020s New Japan "epic", but it's packed into a more digestible 20 minutes. All killer, no filler, and a fantastic example of pro wrestling as sport blended with art. Read my full review of this match, as part of my 365 Wrestling project.
  15. Wahoos Leg

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    WorldWide, 3/2/86 Tony Schiavone introduces the returning Ray Stevens. The Crippler isn't in a suit, he's in jeans and a T-shirt and carrying a baseball bat and says he's here to fight! He won't rest until he gets his hands on the masked man who cost him his shot at Flair. Ray calls out the masked man to meet him here on the program, next week, or he'll keep coming back until it happens! El Santo Negro defeats Tiger Conway, Jr., in a fast-paced, action-packed opener with a rolling cradle. Ole Anderson defeats Doug Furnas, rolling up the rookie strongman and placing his feet on the ropes for extra leverage. The Rockers defeat The Royals, with Shawn Michaels hitting a no-look cross body off the middle rope on Nelson. In the Main Event, Hawk is in non-title action against Mick Foley and wins in less than 2 minutes with a flying clothesline off the top rope.