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  1. Wahoos Leg

    Ken Dillinger

    No information yet.
  2. Wahoos Leg

    Robert Gibson

    No information yet.
  3. Wahoos Leg

    The Bicenntenial Kings

    aka The Wrecking Crew Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey
  4. Wahoos Leg

    Al Costello

    No information yet.
  5. Wahoos Leg

    The U.S. Express

    Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo
  6. Wahoos Leg

    The Fabulous Ones

    Stan Lane & Steve Keirn
  7. Wahoos Leg

    Masao Ito

    No information yet.
  8. Wahoos Leg

    Lou Winston

    No information yet.
  9. Wahoos Leg

    Ricky Morton

    No information yet.
  10. Wahoos Leg

    The Authority

    No information yet.
  11. Wahoos Leg

    1983-07-23-WCCW-TV #82

    World Class Championship Wrestling TV #82 Aired July 23, 1983 (Taped July 15, 1983) Dallas, TX No review yet. John Mantell vs Michael Hayes Chris Adams vs Terry Gordy Bruiser Brody vs Buddy Roberts Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  12. Wahoos Leg

    Wrestle Circus

    No information yet.
  13. Wahoos Leg

    Sasha Banks

    No information yet.
  14. Wahoos Leg

    2019-03-22-ACTION Wrestling-Supershow

    ACTION Wrestling Supershow March 22, 2019 Tyrone, GA AC Mack vs Shawn Dean Matt Sells vs Michael Marshall Cain Justice & Jaden Newman vs The Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) Bobby Flaco vs Slim J Axel Havok, Erik Havok & Will Kaution vs Team TAG (Billy Buck, Chris Spectra & Kevin Blue) James Bandy vs O'Shay Edwards Aja Perera vs Dani Jordan Falls Count Anywhere : Arik Royal vs Fred Yehi Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  15. Wahoos Leg

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Big Dave saying that AEW is the No. 3 promotion in the world when they haven't even run a show yet (or 1 show, if we count All In) is... an interesting take on reality.