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    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    MACW TV, 1/18/85 We open the show with a sitdown interview with David Crockett and a doctor, explaining that Animal had successful surgery to repair his torn bicep. Animal is expected to miss the next 4-6 months. Opening credits and theme song Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone are in the studio! We’re happy to be back after the past two weeks have been pre-empted due to local sports programming. This week on the program, Lex Luger defends the TV Title against one of the newest members of the Mid-Atlantic roster, the Great Kabuki. Plus, Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair will be in action in a non-title match. And, Dick Murdoch is expected to be here for the first time since Starrcade… But up next... Caudle and Tony are joined by Hawk at the broadcast position. Paul Ellering also is absent. “WELL… guess you notice I’m a lone wolf these days… My brother Animal’s on the shelf, and Paul is right by his side, guiding his recovery. Anybody thinking about celebrating the Road Warriors’ exit… a word of advice… DON’T. I plan on crushin’ skulls and dishin’ out beatin’s from now until my brother comes back. And it starts next week! OHHHHHH WHAT A RUSHHHH!” MATCH #1 Italian Stallion (w/ Tony Parisi) vs Arn Anderson (w/ Ole Anderson) After Arn pinned Parisi on the last episode of WorldWide, he has an automatic shot at the Paisans and their U.S. Tag Titles, and they’re cashing it in on Winter Warfare, January 30 in Tallahassee, an event we’ll be sharing plenty of details about later tonight. The Stallion comes out a house afire, and actually seems to throw off Arn with his aggression. The Enforcer bails out of the ring after a few minutes, for a quick conference with Ole. Back in the ring and it’s more of the same for the Stallion, throwing Arn all over the ring punctuated by a huge back body drop! Parisi is loving it at ringside. Arn staggers into the neutral corner, Stallion climbs to the second rope and starts hammering down with 10 punches… Ole hops up onto the apron, drawing the referee. Parisi yanks Ole down and starts hammering away with punches. A wild brawl on the floor! Meanwhile, Arn delivers a low blow uppercut! Stallion falls back to the mat in agony. Arn delivers a gourdbuster to the Stallion and covers him for the 1… 2… 3! Ole and Arn stalk to the broadcast position after the match. “That’s two straight wins for us! Paisans, shine those belts up real nice. Keep ’em warm for us, cause we’re comin’ for ’em on the 30th in Tallahassee!” COMMERCIALS Back from the break to highlights from Starrcade, with Big Daddy Ritter coming close to winning the AWA World Title, and Jimmy Valiant interfering to help Koloff score the win. In the studio, Sonny King is with Bob and Tony, joined by Kabuki and Kazaharu. King is carrying a large briefcase. King: Bob Caudle, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of Sonny King Enterprises… and the next Mid-Atlantic Television Champion, the Great Kabuki. Now, on to the matters with Mr. Ritter, who was unjustly and unceremoniously robbed of the AWA World Title at Starrcade. Mr. Ritter should be a world champion at this very moment. In my mind, and the mind of these men, and his many supporters, he IS the world champion. In fact, let’s bring him out… Ritter walks out into the studio wearing a gleaming white suit and sunglasses. King raises the briefcase. King: On behalf of everyone at Sonny King Enterprises, I hereby proclaim Big Daddy Ritter… as the REAL World Champion. King opens the briefcase and takes out a gleaming gold title belt. The studio audience is booing and jeering, as Ritter takes the belt and slings it over one shoulder. Ritter: You heard the man… I’m the REAL world champion. Ritter removes his sunglasses and stares directly into the camera with hatred. Ritter: And if you’ve got a problem with it… then come and take it from me. COMMERCIAL A video package showing the Rockers flipping and flying all over the ring. See them live on the road for Mid-Atlantic this week! MATCH #2 Non-Title Ric Flair (w/ JJ Dillon) vs. Phil LaFleur Flair comes into the studio resplendent in one of his custom-made robes, the MACW Heavyweight Title belt strapped around his waist. LaFleur, however, stays in the ring, focused and stoic. Flair muscles LaFleur around in the early going, getting the advantage on some chain wrestling and bulling LaFleur into the corner and against the ropes a couple of times. On the count to break, Flair backs off the first time and the second tousles LaFleur’s hair. That brings LaFleur into another gear and when they go to lock up again, LaFleur launches with a dropkick to take the champ off his feet! Flying headscissors takedown! Flair to his feet and caught in a side headlock takedown that gets a two count! THAT close to beating the champion! LaFleur now with the advantage on a match that’s stayed technical and above the rules so far, with LaFleur always going back to the headlock and working the neck of the champion. On one of those headlocks, Flair catches LaFleur with a back suplex, dumping him right on his head. Now we see the dirtiest player in the game, unloading with chops, measured punches, and chokes and eye gouges. Each time he ceases any dirty tactic on a count of four. Flair with a measured suplex on LaFleur… the pin count is made… and Flair pulls him up. Now Flair going to work on the leg of LaFleur… which leads to the figure four! LaFleur tries to fight it but submits. “What you see right there is excellence in action! The greatest champion to step into a wrestling ring today! Now… Ray Stevens, you made a mistake on WorldWide when you got into Horseman business. MY business. Don’t think just because you’re a little long in the tooth, that earns you a break from me, pal. You want a chance at the man? I’ll take you behind the barn, and put you down, punk! WHOOOO!” COMMERCIAL A video starts to play, with a nondescript sedan driving down the streets somewhere in the southeast. We see gas stations, drive-thrus, and Waffle Houses pass by. Voice: No law… No rules… No surrender. A graphic appears with four words. SPARTANBURG VICE Coming Soon… Back to the studio now, where Brett Sawyer has joined Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone. “Fellas, I’ve waited long enough! Dick Murdoch, will you please come out here so that I can explain?” Big cheers as we get our first look at Captain Redneck since Starrcade. Murdoch shakes hands with Bob and Tony, but not Sawyer. Murdoch: Ya know for the past month I’ve been back home in Texas, trying to get this knee of mine right after what Flair did to it… and all that time, I’ve been thinking… why? Why did Brett Sawyer… my friend, my partner… why did you throw in the towel? Why did you make me lose one of the biggest matches I’ve ever had? Sawyer: Dick, Dick, you don’t understand! Remember back to the Starrcade Cup… I went into that match with Ritter hurt, and I told you no matter what, don’t throw in the towel for me. And what happened? I ended up on the injured list for months! Stuck at home, no money, wondering if I’d ever get to wrestle again after what that man did to me… And I realized that I made a mistake. I should have let you throw in the towel, and so at Starrcade, I showed you the friendship we deserve for one another. Murdoch: Well… The studio audience starts to boo as the Rougeaus make their way out. Jacques: Listen to zis! I am about to be sick! Raymond: I agree! Ve are friends! Ve show ze kindness! Uggggh! Jacques: Why don’t ze both of you go find sumting else to do, anyway? No one wants you here! They want to see ze great talent, like ze Fabulous Rougeau Brothers! BOOOOOOO! Murdoch is rolling up his sleeves. Caudle: Now hang on Dick, you’re still not medically cleared. Sawyer: He may not be, but I am! I don’t care which one of you it is, but I want one of you in the ring, here, tonight! The Rougeaus back off, talking trash in French. MATCH #3 TV Title Match Lex Luger defends vs. Great Kabuki (w/ Sonny King) Sonny brings a director’s chair out and sits to watch the action. Kabuki goes through his entire pre-match routine, of spraying the green mist onto his hands. Once the match starts, though, Luger starts flinging him around the ring, his power on display… Kabuki answers, though, with karate chops and some wicked martial arts kicks to remain in the fight. When Kabuki has control, he tries to sap Luger’s strength and will with painful-looking nerve holds, but each time Luger fights his way free with his huge strength advantage. Luger has Kabuki doubled over in the corner… goes to follow up, and Kabuki with an open-handed blow to the throat. Luger sprawls back, and cracks heads with the referee. Kabuki drops the champ with a thrust kick! Sonny King is out of his chair, waving to the back, and here comes Kazaharu with a kendo stick. Before he can even do anything, though, TOM PRICHARD hits the ring. Prichard unloads with punches on Kazaharu, who has to drop the stick! Kabuki has the weapon… swings at Luger, who ducks! Luger scoops Kabuki onto his shoulders in the Torture Rack! Prichard and Kazaharu battle out to the floor, and in the ring, Kabuki gives up! After the match, Luger and Prichard stand tall in the ring as Sonny King and his henchmen retreat. Prichard points at Luger and the TV Title and simply says: “Next week…” COMMERCIALS Back from the break and Gino Hernandez is out, saying he has a list of goals he wants to accomplish now that the new year is here. But first, he needs to deal with this secret admirer business! For weeks, he’s been getting cards… letters… packages sent to his house. Well, he wants this to stop! He wants this admirer to show themselves, next week on the program! MAIN EVENT Brett Sawyer vs. Raymond Rougeau Only a few minutes left in the program as these two hit the ring. Raymond seems content to stall, until Jacques distracts Sawyer and Raymond attacks him from behind. Rougeau stomping down Sawyer, pulls him up and rocks him with a couple of forearm shots to the side of the head. Now Rougeau going for a suplex, Sawyer drops down behind Raymond… pushes him forward into the ropes and executes an O’Connor Roll! 1… 2… 3?? 3!!! Just like that Brett Sawyer pins one half of the tag champs! That brings Jacques into the ring for a two-on-one beatdown but HERE COMES DICK MURDOCH! Murdoch throwing punches and the Rougeaus quickly bail. Captain Redneck helps Sawyer to his feet and calls for a microphone. “Now I may not be medically cleared yet, but as you can see, I’m still a man and I can still fight. And I WILL be medically cleared soon. So… partner… what do you say we make a run at that tag title rematch we never got? Rougeaus, I’m challenging you. Put those belts on the line against us, January 30 in Tallahassee!’ The studio audience erupts and the Rougeaus are yelling epithets in French once more from the safety of the floor as the show ends.
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    Wonder Women Wrestling

    Sitting here on a Saturday trying to catch up on everyone's stuff and I really enjoy the overall look, feel, and serious tone of this promotion. You're definitely doing right by the ladies!
  3. Wahoos Leg

    New Japan Pro-Wrestling

    I like how the recaps and results have that feel of a legit NJPW show from the mid 80s
  4. Wahoos Leg

    National Wrestling Alliance

    I will echo those that love the magazine format. Also, kudos for the sudden turn for DiBiase and Doc. If it was against anyone else other than Russians in the 1980s, I don't think it would have worked as well as it had. I think of everything going on right now, I'm most into this battle between Lawler and Ladd's crew. Some great wars of words are coming between the King and the Big Cat! Sorry it took me so long to catch up
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    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    1/10/86, Fredricksburg VA Jimmy Valiant & Doug Furnas def. Sean Royal & The Warlord, when Valiant pins Warlord. Mad Dog Vachon def. Mick Foley after hitting his piledriver. Gino Hernandez def. Mr. Wrestling II, pinning him with his feet on the middle rope for extra leverage. Kokina def. Chris Champion with his jumping legdrop in one minute. The Rockers def. Big Daddy Ritter & Kazaharu by DQ when Kazaharu brings his kendo stick into the match. The Rockers end up fighting off the rulebreakers and stand tall at the end of the night.
  6. This was a lot of fun and it's no surprise that Buddy Rose was at the center of the three biggest highlights of the match. The second fall definitely lost some steam but it recovered nicely there at the end. Check out my full review of this match as part of my 365 Wrestling project.
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    shameless self promotion

    new wrestling-related writing project I thought you might enjoy perusing johnmoorehouse.wordpress.com
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    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    Thanks I think
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    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    12/27/85, Columbia SC Phil LaFleur and Tiger Conway, Jr. battle to a 15 minute draw. The Blade Runners defeat Kerry Brown & Tom Prichard, with Justice pinning Prichard after the Blade Runners’ tandem finisher. Kazaharu defeats Chris Benoit by submission with his rolling figure-four sleeper. Nelson Royal defeats Koko Ware after grabbing a handful of tights on the pin. Lex Luger & the Paisans defeat the Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Ole Anderson) with Luger pinning Ole after his catch powerslam. 12/28/85, Greensboro NC Lex Luger defeats Nelson Royal by submission with the Human Torture Rack. Tom Prichard and Kazaharu battle to a 15-minute draw. Tiger Conway, Jr., defeats Koko Ware with a flying headbutt. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew defeats Phil La Fleur & Chris Benoit after Arn catches La Fleur with a spinebuster. In a U.S. Tag Title Match, the Paisans retain over the Blade Runners after Italian Stallion makes a blind tag and catches Korchenko with a roll-up. In a title vs title match, MACW Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair and U.S. Champion Kerry Brown both get counted out while brawling on the apron. 12/29/85, Savannah GA Tom Prichard defeats Tiger Conway, Jr., with a sunset flip. Kerry Brown defeats Nelson Royal with his leaping charging elbow drop to retain the U.S. Title. Koko Ware defeats Kazaharu by DQ after Kazaharu brings his kendo stick into the match. The Blade Runners defeat Phil La Fleur & Chris Benoit after Korchenko wallops Benoit with a lariat. Lex Luger & The Paisans defeat the Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Ole Anderson) after Luger hits his catch powerslam on Ole.
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    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    Worldwide Wrestling, 12/28/85 Ray Stevens is back on commentary with Tony Schiavone. Nelson Royal defeats Mike Jackson after interference by Gorgeous Gary Royal. After the match, the two Royals say they've decided to unite because "family sticks together." Tony Schiavone points out they're not related but they walk off, oblivious. The Blade Runners defeat Chris Benoit & Phil LaFleur in an entertaining 15-minute tag match, putting away Benoit with their double press slam into a gutbuster finisher, with Justice scoring the pin. The main event is a Championship Challenge. If someone pins a reigning champion, they get a title shot. If a reigning champion scores the fall, whoever is pinned or submits cannot challenge for that title for as long as that champion's reign is going. In the Championship Challenge, the Horsemen (Flair, Arn & Ole) defeat Kerry Brown and The Paisans after Arn hits Parisi with his gourdbuster. Before the decisive move, Ric Flair caught Parisi with a low blow. Ray Stevens tries to argue against the tactic, even heading to the ring, but the decision is final. Flair gets in Stevens' face and eats a huge haymaker! The wrestler and the commentator end up in a pull-apart as the show comes to an end.
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    I would watch that TV show
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    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    12/27, MACW TV Theme song and opening credits kick off the show. The opening credits have been re-done to a montage of some of the top stars in the promotion in action, such as Dick Murdoch, the Road Warriors, Big Daddy Ritter, Gino Hernandez, and closes with Ric Flair standing front and center with the Four Horsemen. Bob Caudle and David Crockett open the show. They remind everyone that it’s a new start and the beginning of a new “season” in Mid-Atlantic. They start to recap some of the results from Starrcade when Sonny King walks out to the podium. King talks about the “injustice perpetrated at Starrcade” by Jimmy Valiant. Next week, his client Big Daddy Ritter will be here in person, and he’ll address all the reports proclaiming him as the uncrowned world champion. MATCH #1 Koko Ware vs. Terry Brunk The MACW debut for Koko is a successful one. He dominates the match and puts Brunk away around the five-minute mark after a brainbuster. Back from the break with footage from Christmas, and the cage match between the Road Warriors and the Grapplers. Animal and Hawk emerge victorious, although beaten and bloody. We return to the studio, where David Crockett announces that Animal suffered a major bicep injury in that match. He’s scheduled for surgery in January and everyone at Mid-Atlantic wishes him a speedy recovery. What does this mean for Hawk? We’ll find out next week when he’s here in studio. MATCH #2 TV Title Match Lex Luger defends vs. Gorgeous Gary Royal Tom Prichard comes out in street clothes, unfolds a director’s chair, and sits watching the action. The two-time TV Champ overwhelms Royal here, throwing the challenger all over the ring and scoring the win by submission with his Human Torture Rack. After the bell, Prichard simply gets up, folds up his chair, and walks out of the studio, ignoring questions about when he’s going to use the guaranteed TV Title shot he won at Starrcade. Back from the break and we see a recap of the main event of Starrcade, with Flair torturing Murdoch’s leg relentlessly including two extended stretches in the figure-four that lead Brett Sawyer, Murdoch’s cornerman, to throw in the towel. MATCH #3 Brett Sawyer vs. Denny Brown Sawyer and Brown shake hands before the match and proceed to engage in an excellent, back-and-forth, technically-based contest. Sawyer spends most of the match working the left arm and shoulder of Brown, and scores the win after hitting a shoulder breaker on his opponent, and scoring the pin. After the match, Sawyer heads for the broadcast position. He’s spent the last month trying to check on Murdoch as he rehabs his knee injury. Murdoch won’t answer his calls or his letters. Sawyer even went to his house in Texas, and Dick never came to the door. He wants to explain why he did what he did at Starrcade, and he asks Murdoch to come talk to him, man to man, in studio next week. We see a recap of Gino Hernandez’s interview from the Christmas night show, including the strange letter he got from a secret admirer. Back in the studio, the Horsemen are out, all wearing suits. Flair stands in the center, still holding the MACW Heavyweight Title. Flair crows about proving the doubters wrong at Starrcade, and doing exactly what he said he would do, and destroy Dick Murdoch’s leg to walk out the champion. Flair says Murdoch should crawl (since that’s probably all he can do right now) and thank Brett Sawyer for throwing in the towel, because it saved Murdoch from a career-ending or life-changing injury. Flair says a new year is here, and Christmas is past, so he’s going to give the fans a gift and wrestle non-title next week in the studio. Ole takes over, and says that as for the new vacancy in the Horsemen, they are scouting talent and promise that whoever they pick, he’ll make the group more dangerous than ever! MAIN EVENT Starrcade Rematch El Santo Negro vs. Kazaharu All the action, intensity, and high-flying from the match that stole the show at Starrcade is back in this one: dives and flying maneuvers from El Santo Negro, brutal strikes back and forth, and Kazaharu unleashing backflips and handsprings of his own to add extra momentum and impact to his blows. The match goes 10, 15 minutes, and both men showing signs of fatigue. Kazaharu appears to have the upper hand, and seats El Santo Negro on the top turnbuckle, looking for a superplex. The masked man blocks! Both men standing on the top rope… and they’re delivering chops to one another from this precarious position. One chop staggers Kazaharu, who starts to fall. He grabs El Santo Negro by the wrist and both men plummet off the top rope all the way to the floor! The referee immediately calls for the bell, and the show ends with medical personnel checking on both men.
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  14. Wahoos Leg

    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    12/26/85, Norfolk VA Tiger Conway, Jr. defeats Chris Benoit with a flying headbutt off the ropes in his MACW debut. Phil LaFleur and Nelson Royal battle to a 15-minute draw. Lex Luger & Koko Ware defeat the Minnesota Wrecking Crew by DQ when J.J. Dillon interferes. Ric Flair defeats Tom Prichard by submission with the figure four to retain the MACW Heavyweight Title. The Paisans defeat the Blade Runners by DQ to retain the U.S. Tag Titles when Tony Parisi gets tossed over the top rope. Justice and Korchenko leave the champs laying after the match. Kerry Brown defeats Kazaharu to retain the U.S. Title, hitting his running leaping elbow drop to finish the match.
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    Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v2)

    Mid-Atlantic Christmas Night Special We open up with Christmas music and go to a jam-packed studio that has been decorated. The steel cage looms over the ring. The fans are excited! Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone are at the usual broadcast spot, wearing Santa hats. They'll be recapping some of the big events from Starrcade, and the entire year, and then we get the war to settle things between the Road Warriors and the Grapplers, inside the steel cage. one thing we do know is that Paul Ellering will NOT be in the corner of the Warriors... as he is still recovering from that spike piledriver at Starrcade. With that, they cue up footage from the six man grudge match between the Warriors and Ellering, and Dutch Mantell and the Blade Runners, as well as the attack by the Grapplers after the match. Next, we take a look at the AWA World Title match between Nikita Koloff and Big Daddy Ritter. Ritter appeared to have the title won, albeit with the ref down and out, until JIMMY VALIANT made a huge surprise return. The camera crew caught up with Valiant after this controversial return. Valiant: That's right daddy! Handsome Jimmy is back where he belongs, jack! And did you see it comin', Big Daddy Ritter? I know you FELT what IU had to say tonight, that's for sure! This summah you crossed the line at the Great American Bash! Well Handsome Jimmy is back, jack, and he's back for blood! YOUR blood! Back in the studio, Schiavone says Sonny King will have a special statement about the "injustice perpetrated against his client at Starrcade" on our regular episode of TV this Saturday, the 27th. Caudle reminds everyone that Starrcade is the biggest night of the year in Mid-Atlantic, and we're trying something different. Starrcade also represented the end of the "season" here in the territory, and now all records will re-set until Starrcade 86. Wrestlers earn points for wins, lose them for losses, but can gain extra points by winning title matches, making it to our special pay-per-view or closed circuit events, and more. At the end of Starrcade 86, the four wrestlers on the roster with the lowest point totals get released. Up next, a montage of some of the highlights from other matches on Starrcade. This includes Ray Stevens making Adrian Street submit, Kazaharu topping El Santo Negro, The Paisans beating Fatu and Samu to become the first U.S. Tag champs, Kerry Brown running through Super Destroyer to become U.S. Champion, and Lex Luger regaining the TV Title and becoming the first man in MACW to pin Kokina. We also see Kokina destroy Rip Rogers after that loss. With Rip, Fatu, and Samu all gone, Kokina is all by himself but still as dominant as ever. What will happen now that this mammoth man is on his own? Bob Caudle wonders what could be next for Ray Stevens after a huge win over one of the toughest competitors in Mid-Atlantic. We go to a previously taped video, with the Rougeaus. They still have their titles but Armand is a bloody mess. Armand calls Vachon an animal who needs to be sent to prison or an insane asylum! Back to the studio, as Bob and Tony turn to the tag team street fight from Starrcade, the match that many in attendance and who watched on closed-circuit are calling the match of the night and maybe the best match of the entire year in Mid-Atlantic. Unfortunately, the match and what happened after is so violent that the network won't allow them to show any of the footage, but you can see it for yourself when Starrcade 85 releases on VHS and Betamax in the spring! They do now want to bring in Gino Hernandez, to discuss his actions after the match. Gino appears to be back in old form, wearing one of his suits (no tie of course), and sunglasses even though he is indoors. Gino: Everywhere I go for the past month, people ask me... why, Gino? Why did you do what you did to that nice old man Jack Brisco?!? Because Jack Brisco... is a loser. He cost me my rematch with Flair, and it was Brisco -- NOT ME! -- who got pinned at Starrcade. Someone had to put that has-been out of his misery, and who better than Gorgeous Gino! After losing my friends and my title, I had to find myself again and as you can see, the OLD Gino Hernandez is back. Now, Four Horsemen, don't take that to mean this is over. I won't bury the hatchet... I'll grab a full-sized axe AND TAKE YOUR HEAD OFF WITH IT FOR BETRAYING ME! And Flair, never forget... you're holding onto MY property. So everyone here take notice... Gino Hernandez is going to be winning matches and holding gold around here for a long, long time... Schiavone: Gino, before you go, um... we received this letter today and were instructed to give it to you. Gino opens the letter, scoffs, and wads it up and throws it on the floor. The camera catches a glimpse, and it reads "See you soon, XOXOXO, Your secret admirer" Back from the break and we go right to some of the action from the main event of Starrcade, or, specifically, Flair annihilating the knee of Dick Murdoch. We cut ahead to several attempts by Murdoch to make a comeback, before the footage cuts to the end of the match and Brett Sawyer throwing in Murdoch's towel to stop the match. Caudle says that there are a lot of questions about what Sawyer did, and we'll hear from him Saturday on this very program. Also, Dick Murdoch has been rehabbing that knee for the past month. They hope he'll be in the studio as well. With that... it's time for the main event! STEEL CAGE MATCH Road Warriors vs. The Grapplers Due to the dimensions of the cage and the studio, this match is win by pin or submission ONLY. The Grapplers come out to huge boos, and appear hesitant about entering the cage. Animal and Hawk are out next, and the Grapplers actually try to hold the door shut to keep them from coming into the cage. The Road Warriors, pulling together, wrench it open! It's a wild, four-man brawl with no tag rules. The referee is only there to count pins and call for the bell if someone submits. Grapplers jump Animal and Hawk as they enter and gain the upper hand early. They're barely giving Animal and Hawk a chance to stand! What a beating! Both Road Warriors get run into the steel, and Hawk comes up bleeding. seeing his own blood throws Hawk into a frenzy and he comes back with wild punches to both masked men, then propels himself off the ropes with a flying shoulderblock that levels both! Animal and Hawk coming back hot, flinging the Grapplers all over the ring. Hawk picks up one of the Grapplers over his shoulder for a slam and charges, launching him headfirst into the cage and drawing blood. Across the ring, Animal is raking Grappler 2's face back and forth across the mesh. Now both Grapplers' silver masks are stained with blood from the inside! Animal and Hawk smash their heads together at center ring, and both Grapplers go down. Animal delivers a brutal clothesline to Grappler 1, and he looks to be out cold! Meanwhile Hawk launches with a flying clothesline on Grappler 2! Another flying clothesline by Hawk on Grappler 2! He motions to Animal, and sets the masked man for a piledriver. Animal off the second rope for the spike! Hawk covers for the 1, 2, 3! It's over! The Road Warriors have settled the score with the Grapplers, once and for all! The picture fades out with Animal and a bloody Hawk celebrating, though Animal is clutching somewhat at his arm...