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[2013-02-04-WWE-Raw] CM Punk vs Chris Jericho


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Definitely MUCH better than their 2012 PPV matches. I really like Punk's heat segment on Y2J here; he is awesome with his facial expressions throughout, and he has a nice gameplan in going after Jericho's neck. His work over that neck w/ the cravate, those leg drops, neckbreakers etc is pretty great. That whole section is most certainly my favorite part of the whole thing. Jericho's full-on comeback isn't really interesting at all, and as that bit gets done, they essentially kick the match into its final act w/ it being more even and big moves & counters being bust out for them nearfalls n' all. Didn't care for that stuff too much - it's not bad though, and I do think that Jericho's last GTS counter into the Walls of Jericho was pretty neat. Good match for sure & like I said, miles ahead of their bad PPV matches of the past, even if it's carried by Punk's awesome work on top for the most part. ***1/4

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