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[2013-04-07-WWE-Wrestlemania XXIX] HHH vs Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred)


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The first half isn't interesting at all, but eventually the match gets going. The highlight of that said boring first half was EASILY Michaels getting F5'd - he kept on getting Brock's attention to get HHH back into things, so him getting F5'd actually felt pretty rewarding/fulfilling. Really liked the drama of HHH softening Brock's arm with them chairshots, and then locking in a Kimura of his own - they milked that very well w/ Brock's selling of it being amazing. Overall it's definitely too long, and there's lots of dull/forgettable stuff + HHH from underneath just wasn't very interesting, but there was SOME very good stuff in there, especially that Kimura drama I mentioned. **1/4

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Brock Lesnar vs Triple H - WrestleMania XXIX No Holds Barred

What I remember from being at this match live was zero crowd heat like you could hear a pin drop. This was to the glee of the HHHaters at the time. I was disappointed because I absolutely loved their Summerslam 2012 match (still do! See my review). Looking back now the match is very good, but it is nowhere near the level of their overlooked Summerslam classic.

i actually really liked the very, very beginning of the match. It was a good brawl mixed with some great Brock bumping. I loved the HHH High Knee that intercepted that chair shot. How fucking cool was that. Brock caught HHH with a belly to belly Suplex on the floor and then hit a tremendous Suplex slam through the announce table. After this match ground to a halt. It was Suplex City Brock with a bland babyface. It was a ragdolling. No hope spots. No seeds of hope. The Summerslam match HHH just kept chipping away at the abdomen until it paid dividends. All of HHH’s openings came from HBK distractions which is lame for a face. It climaxes with Brock hitting an F-5 over HBK but HHH hits a Pedigree. HHH goes for the sledgehammer and Brock hits an F-5. Again, the match grinds to a halt. I usually like Brock on top but there’s not much going on. Brock tries to break HHH’s arm with the Double Wristlock which had been totally forgotten yo until this point. The match kicks up here once HHH breaks free and decides he wants to return the favor by breaking Brock’s arm which I am a mark for that story. It is a great badass breaking down of the arm and Brock does a tremendous job selling and fighting back in HHH’s Kimora. The DDT on the stairs, sledgehammer, Pedigree on Stairs was a great finish combo. 

There’s more greatness to this than people want to give credit to but I rather spend my time beating the drum for the far superior Summerslam match. ***1/4

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