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[1984-02-05-GCW] Ted DiBiase vs Jack Brisco

paul sosnowski

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It's a fight right from jump street. Jack keeping Ted off balance with his trademark arm drags. Teddy takes a powder to regain his composure. Jack with a big slam, and Ted takes another powder. An arm drag into an arm bar. Then transitions it into a hammer lock followed by some knee drops into the shoulder. A Rope break and another powder. A nice spot sees Ted go shoulder 1st into the corner. Jack works the arm. Ted suckers him in and has been laying this trap all match. Finally Jack bites, and Ted starts his heat by working the neck. Big knee drop to Jack's neck. Now Ted uses his weight with a headlock. Jack fights out only for a hair pull to start from scratch. Again Jack begins his comeback and hits a big Atomic Drop to escape. Jack follows up with a camel clutch. Adominal stretch by Jack. Ted escapes and misses his double knees. Jack attacks the leg. Figure 4 by Jack. A rope break saves Ted. Loaded Glove finish is all she wrote. I thought the working of holds was well done. I liked Jack working different body parts, but still being focused. I liked the payoffs for example Ted's powders. Overall good stuff.3*

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